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New ecommerce capabilities for travel industry unveiled at T2RLEngage 2023

For the last few days T2RLEngage 2023 has brought together leading companies to introduce trailblazing ecommerce capabilities in the travel industry.

Airlines, in a bid to offer seamless and personalised experiences to their customers, often find themselves navigating a labyrinth of vendors, systems and platforms.

But TPConnects – which sponsors and exhibits at T2RLEngage 2023 – has introduced new New Distribution Capability technology to revolutionise the way airlines engage with their customers. 

Its cost-efficient NDC (New Distribution Capability) standard Gateway, seamlessly integrates with an airline’s Passenger Service System (PSS) and IATA Financial Gateway to encompass all point of sales, including airline websites, mobile applications and corporate booking tools. 

TPConnects has already successfully migrated some of its airline customers and will be fostering further adoption of its new platform.  

Eric Dumas, COO of TPConnects said: “Innovation and customer-centricity are more than trends they are business imperatives in today’s commercial environment. Airline executives simply cannot afford to wait for innovation if they want to maintain competitiveness.

“TPConnects next-generation airline retailing platform meets this need head-on. It enables airlines to benefit from speed-to-market, seamless retailing, and smart innovation. This is a rare situation where all the market players benefit from a product evolution.” 

This robust innovation is on the roadmap for delivery in early 2024 and has been introduced at London’s T2RL Engage 2023, which finishes today. 


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