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Three quid from the Grid for off-peak use

Householders are being offered £3 per kilowatt hour to use electrical appliances late at night.

The National Grid is attempting to reduce demand as it works on plans to avoid blackouts this winter.

National Grid warned this month that homes could face three-hour power cuts if Russia blocks gas supplies into Europe and Britain experiences sustained cold weather, increasing the amount that households use for heating.

The electricity system operator says that avoidance of appliances in the evening could save customers up to £100 a year.

As businesses consume far more energy than domestic customers, their savings could be much higher.

In response to inevitable challenges, the Grid is encouraging households to take part in its new demand flexibility service, which launches in November.

So far, Octopus and Ovo Energy – the scheme pilots – have signed up.

This winter, customers are facing record energy bills.

The Energy Price Guarantee, announced by the prime minister in September, was initially due to last for two years from October 2022 to September 2024. However, the new chancellor announced on 17 October 2022 that it would now only last sixth months ending at the end of March 2023.

Cornwall Insight predicts the price cap will be above £4,000 per year – when the support package is now expected to end next April, after Chancellor Jeremy Hunt slashed its timeframe.


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