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UK employees don’t claim £1.3 billion on “petty” expenses

Workers in the UK don’t claim £1.3 billion in expenses that make them look “petty” according to new figures.

Pleo, the business spending solution group, ran a poll that found unclaimed expenses amount to around £245 per employee.

And even despite the cost of basic foods, rising energy and fuel bills, Brits say they don’t wish to claim expenses that would make them look ‘petty’.

But almost half (48%) of those quizzed said they didn’t want the hassle of claiming it, whilst 40% said they felt embarrassed over claiming cash back for certain items.

Many respondents said they wouldn’t bother claiming for expenses worth less than £15, but 37% of staff are shelling out for their companies at least once a week.

Anita Szarek, Pleo’s chief financial officer said: “With rising costs and at a time when every penny matters, these poor processes are biting Brits even harder; over 50 per cent of employees are experiencing increased anxiety towards overall outgoings when making work purchases due to the cost of living crisis.”

She added that firms should move away from “a legacy expense management system to an inexpensive and simple spending solution” allowing people to claim expenses are easily.  


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