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Blonyx Secures Distribution Deal to Bring Beet-It Sport Products to Canada

Performance nutrition brand Blonyx has announced a partnership with Beet-It USA, a subsidiary of James White Drinks LTD, to distribute Beet-It Sport beet juice products in Canada.

Beet-It Sport is a widely recognised brand that has been featured in numerous research studies on beet juice. Their products have gained popularity among professional athletes in sports leagues such as NHL, NFL, NBA, MLS, and English Premier League.

Under the deal, Blonyx will have exclusive rights to sell Beet-It’s products in Canada through its website and other online and retail outlets. The Beet-It Sport Nitrate 400, a concentrated beet juice shot, is already available for purchase on blonyx.com, with additional Beet-It products to be made available through Blonyx in the near future.

Rowan Minnion, CEO at Blonyx, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “Beet-It’s beet juice products have established themselves as the gold standard in both research and elite sports communities.”

Jonathan Cartwright, Beet-It Sport Specialist at Beet-It USA, shared his excitement about bringing their products to Canada, stating, “Blonyx shares our commitment to product quality and effectiveness, and we are thrilled to collaborate with them.”

Beet-It Sport 400 Nitrate Shots are a key offering in the product lineup. These shots provide a guaranteed 400mg dose of nitrates and have shown in research to reduce the oxygen cost of training by 5% and delay the onset of fatigue by 5-16%. This can lead to improved endurance, performance, and power output for athletes across various disciplines.

The Beet-It Sport 400 contains 98% concentrated beet juice and 2% lemon juice. It is Informed Sport certified and has been trusted by numerous athletes, professional sports teams, endurance sports clubs, and Olympic athletes. It has been extensively utilised in research, with over 300 research institutes and more than 150 published studies involving Beet-It Sport since 2009.

For more information on Beet-It Sport, please download the media information kit here.


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