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Altum Group Partners with RiskScreen to Revolutionise Client Onboarding in Offshore Finance Realm

Altum Group, a prominent international entity specialising in Fund, Corporate, and Family Office Solutions, has successfully concluded the seamless integration of RiskScreen’s pioneering KYC platform. This collaboration signifies a transformative juncture in Altum’s trajectory as it aspires to evolve into a future-ready enterprise, propelled by its unwavering dedication to efficiency, technology, and sustainable progression.

In the face of laborious manual onboarding procedures, the intricate contours of regulatory frameworks, and a steadfast commitment to progressive methodologies, Altum found a steadfast ally in RiskScreen, whose comprehensive solution was the answer.

Zena Couppey, the Chief Executive Officer of Altum Group, articulated,

“We are immensely excited to forge this alliance with RiskScreen, a partnership that propels our trajectory towards operational efficiency and technological prowess. Navigating today’s dynamic business landscape necessitates an adeptness for adaptation and an embrace of cutting-edge technological advancements. This collaboration underscores our pledge to render unparalleled services to our esteemed clientele, securing our position at the vanguard of our industry.”

In an era propelled by technological revolutions spanning multiple sectors, Altum Group has made a strategic choice to invest in state-of-the-art solutions.

RiskScreen’s pioneering electronic onboarding and screening solutions stand poised to bring about a paradigm shift while mitigating potential operational hazards. With the infusion of RiskScreen’s advanced functionalities, Altum now stands poised to deftly manage the onboarding process, ensuring unwavering compliance with regulatory standards, and fueling sustainable advancement amidst an intricate business milieu.

Stephen Platt, the CEO of RiskScreen, voiced his enthusiasm, stating,

“Our partnership with Altum Group is an exciting endeavor aimed at fulfilling their aspirations. The defining feature that distinguishes RiskScreen from the plethora of RegTech enterprises lies in our unique approach, employing compliance as a catalyst for competitive edge. Altum Group’s unswerving commitment to innovation aligns seamlessly with our mission to provide our customers with award-winning solutions for customer onboarding, screening, and pKYC compliance.”

The culmination of this collaboration not only augments Altum’s product suite but also signifies the confluence of profound industry acumen and technological ingenuity. United in purpose, Altum and RiskScreen are poised to reshape the contours of fund administration, redefining the benchmarks for efficiency, fostering technological progress, and charting new trajectories for enterprises prepared to embrace the demands of the future.


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