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Apple invites iPhone users in the UK to do their own repairs

Apple has rolled out its self-repair service to the UK, inviting people to fix their own technology.

The tech giant said the service is now available in eight countries and that genuine Apple parts and tools can be purchased and used alongside repair manuals.

Repairs could include things like battery replacements, screens and phone casings.

However, the warning alongside the announcement was that if a repair goes wrong, an existing warranty will no longer be valid.

Users with iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 line-ups, as well as Mac notebooks with Apple silicon, will be offered tool rental kits for £54.90 with free shipping.

This means that customers who do not want to purchase tools for a single repair still have access to these professional repair tools.

Right to repair

Since last year, manufacturers of appliances have been required to offer spare parts in the UK, offering a “right to repair”.

The moves comes as more people hold onto expensive technology for longer despite waning batteries, due to the cost of living crisis.

An average consumer keeps their smartphone for 4.2 years according to new figures from CSS Insight.

Apple chief operating officer Jeff Williams said that customers should have “many options for safe, reliable, and secure repair”.

But the firm adds that only those who are “comfortable with carrying out their own repairs” should attempt to.

There is an 81-page repair to navigate, with 16 tools and 61 steps required to remove and replace an iPhone 13 screen.


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