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Ditton Priors Embraces the Gigabit Broadband Era in Shropshire

The digital divide in Shropshire is closing, with nearly 200 properties in its secluded regions now enjoying the benefits of gigabit broadband, thanks to the collaborative efforts of Kloud9, the UK Government, and Shropshire Council’s Connecting Shropshire scheme. This leap forward was made feasible by the government’s Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme, designed to extend gigabit-capable broadband to the UK’s most remote locations.

This initiative ushers in a transformative era of digital access for Shropshire’s rural communities, notably Ditton Priors, offering both residential and commercial users the luxury of high-speed Gigabit broadband.

Launched in August 2023 by Kloud9, this project aimed to ensure Ditton Priors’ integration into the advanced digital infrastructure, positioning Gigabit broadband as an indispensable service for its community.

“Gigabit broadband has become a necessity rather than a luxury. Rural villages like Ditton Priors are in real danger of being left in the broadband dark ages. It was a pleasure to work so closely with the community,” stated Julie Bushell, Kloud9’s Community Engagement Manager, underscoring the project’s significance.

A Ditton Priors local praised the quick and efficient rollout of the project, which notably enhanced services at the village hall and Willows Café, leading to better operational efficiencies and customer experiences due to improved broadband.

He shared, “The work Kloud9 did for the café has made a real difference. The broadband was so bad that the café staff used to struggle to take card payments. However, Kloud9 installed some free wireless access points, which also allowed customers to browse the internet while enjoying the great coffee and delicious cakes available at the café.”

This undertaking in Ditton Priors forms part of Kloud9’s broader strategy to boost digital connectivity across Shropshire and the UK, with numerous projects lined up as part of the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme.

Alex Jackson, CEO of AJ Technology, reflected on the project’s success, particularly highlighting the community engagement and the timely completion of the network before the holiday season.

In addition to Ditton Priors, Kloud9 has successfully implemented similar projects in Cleehill and Cressage and is in the process of initiating more projects in the vicinity.

Cllr. Robert Macey of Shropshire Council commented on the funding’s impact: “I’m really pleased that AJ Technology has benefitted from Shropshire Council top-up funding of DSIT’s Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme. This additional funding has enabled AJ Technology to work at pace to install their full-fibre broadband network in some of Shropshire’s more rural communities, bringing them into the digital fast lane.”


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