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Educational Innovation at Parliament: KEATH.ai’s AI Assessment Platform Unveiled

At the AI Advancement Forum held in London’s House of Lords, the University of Surrey’s Vice President (Global), Patrick Degg, set the tone with his statement, ‘AI can, and inescapably will, change the educational landscape.’ This event brought together educational leaders worldwide to discuss education’s intersection with AI, culminating in the launch of KEATH.ai, a pioneering EdTech tool. Joey Lin, CEO of KEATH.ai, announced, “Last December, students got ChatGPT; this December, teachers get KEATH.ai”.

Lin drew parallels between the impact of generative AI on education and the historical shift from horses to automobiles, highlighting several universities already piloting their technology.

“This (2023) is the year of AI,” Surrey’s President and Vice Chancellor Max Lu added, questioning how to elevate learning and assessment with AI, referencing the launch of KEATH.ai. The forum featured influential speakers and attendees from academia, the private and public sectors, including representatives from leading universities and embassies.

Joey Lin introduced KEATH.ai as an AI breakthrough in educational assessment. After extensive research and development, KEATH.ai offers accurate and consistent feedback for students. Surrey’s Associate Vice President and KEATH’s Managing Director, Professor Yu Xiong, described KEATH’s technology as a digital co-pilot for educators.

BBC’s Jon Howard envisioned a future of adaptive education technologies and highlighted the importance of automatic grading.

UK education expert Dr. Trevor Lee lauded KEATH.ai for its user-friendliness and its potential to significantly reduce teachers’ workload.

The Lord Taylor of Warwick spoke about the dawn of a new AI era, emphasising the need for equitable AI access in education.

De Montfort University’s Vice-Chancellor Katie Normington and Michael Luck, Deputy Vice Chancellor at the University of Sussex, shared insights on embracing AI in education and ensuring responsible AI governance.

KEATH.ai emerged from the AI Advancement Forum as a transformative tool in the educational sphere.

Institutions interested in KEATH.ai can learn more and arrange a demo at www.keath.ai.


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