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Kloud9 Expands Broadband Access in Rural Shropshire

Kloud9, in collaboration with BDUK and Connecting Shropshire, continues to revolutionise broadband connectivity in rural Shropshire. Following the installation of FTTP for over 200 properties in Ditton Priors, Kloud9 has extended its ultrafast gigabit broadband services to additional areas in Shropshire, including Cleehill, Cressage, and Clun.

Each village now has 300 to 400 properties with access to ultrafast fibre broadband. Kloud9 delivered these projects quickly, completing them all within six months.

This achievement was made possible through Kloud9’s expertise, government support, and local collaboration, leveraging initiatives such as the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme.

Julie Bushell, Kloud9’s Community Engagement Manager, remarked: “Providing rural communities with access to gigabit broadband is now a necessity in today’s digital landscape. It’s a privilege to collaborate closely with the communities and stakeholders across Shropshire to make this vision a reality.”

Kloud9 is dedicated to advancing digital connectivity across Shropshire and the UK. With ongoing installations and connections in Cleehill, Cressage, and now Clun, Kloud9 continues to be at the forefront of delivering reliable, high-speed internet solutions to underserved communities.

Mandy Newton, the first resident connected in Clun, shared her experience with Kloud9: “For the past few months in Clun, we have seen a lot of installation work going on for the new high-speed fibre communications systems. We signed up with Kloud9 and are happy to say we were connected yesterday – the first house in Clun to be connected to Kloud9! The engineers and all the staff have been very efficient and friendly, and whenever you need to call them the good thing is that you get through straight away to someone in the UK.”

Kloud9’s initiatives in these rural communities are part of a broader commitment to enhancing digital connectivity across Shropshire and the UK. With numerous projects in the pipeline, Kloud9 looks forward to continuing its work in Shropshire and beyond under the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme.

Cllr. Robert Macey, Portfolio Holder for Culture & Digital at Shropshire Council, said: “I’m pleased that AJ Technology has benefitted from Shropshire Council top-up funding of DSIT’s Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme. This additional funding has enabled AJ Technology to work at pace to install their full-fibre broadband network in some of Shropshire’s more rural communities, bringing them into the digital fast lane.”


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