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Mozillion Introduces London’s First Rapid Cash Service for Selling Phones

Mozillion, the mobile industry’s first dedicated marketplace, has unveiled an innovative cash service for London residents selling iPhones 11-14. Once sellers accept an offer on the Mozillion platform, they can receive their cash within just a few hours.

The new CashLab service operates from a diagnostic centre in Central London, streamlining the process for sellers. They can have their phones collected, tested, and receive payment directly into their bank accounts, all within as little as 3 hours.

CEO Len Leeson elaborates on the convenience of the service: “Whether you reside in Ealing, Barking, Edgware, or Morden, you don’t need to leave your sofa or desk. As soon as your phone passes our thorough checks, we release your cash instantly.”

The diagnostic process involves a comprehensive 90-point examination, assessing visual condition, genuine parts, performance, and battery health. Additionally, Mozillion verifies the phones against major lost and stolen databases, ensuring only top-quality and authenticated devices are accepted. In return, sellers receive market-leading prices for their phones.

As an example of the benefits, on August 1, 2023, a good-as-new iPhone 14 Pro 128GB could have been traded in with a network for £545. However, through CashLab, the Mozillion seller received a higher amount of £703 and received payment within 2 hours.

For phone buyers, there’s also great news. Mozillion offers the opportunity to purchase a good-as-new phone, arrange for courier delivery, and have the device up and running within just 2 hours. Leeson further explains, “You can sell and buy simultaneously, secure better prices, and leave all the running around to Mozillion.”

To learn more about this rapid cash service and explore buying or selling options, visit https://www.mozillion.com/cashlab.


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