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Online streaming services should be regulated by Ofcom, says PM

Rishi Sunak has proposed a law change for streaming services that would see them regulated.

The Media Bill announced by Boris Johnson’s May government, had muted giving Ofcom regulation over streaming companies based overseas. Sunak is not changing this agenda.

Netflix viewers cannot currently complain about the content.

Prince Harry’s docu-series

But the discussion is back on the agenda following the release of the docu-series Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Ofcom says it has received complaints regarding the show, but cannot act as Netflix’ is based in the Netherlands.

If online streaming services are regulated it would mean they could be investigated for complaints regarding, for example, misleading footage.

Defamatory claims

So far the Harry and Meghan series has been attacked for making “defamatory claims” against the British Royal family and using stock footage to exaggerate some of its claims.

Ofcom currently only regulates services based in the UK but Netflix is regulated by the Dutch media regulator, the Commissariaat voor de Media.

Under Ofcom regulations, streaming services could be liable for penalties up to £250,000 for misconduct and misrepresentation of facts.

Netflix has showed support for the proposed Media Bill, saying that it is in favour of the measures.


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