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Procom and BBGC Announce Strategic Collaboration

Procom Services, a leader in staffing solutions, is pleased to announce a strategic collaboration with BBGC, a key player in the business and technology consulting and services industry. This partnership represents a major engagement between BBGC and a staffing vendor in the United States, focusing on the Chicago and Houston markets.

Significant Agreement and Long-Term Engagement

This partnership marks a significant agreement, demonstrating a substantial engagement commitment between Procom and BBGC. The collaboration is long-term, with no fixed term, allowing both companies to adapt and grow with evolving business needs.

Why BBGC Partnered with Procom

BBGC chose Procom Services for its exceptional staffing capabilities, particularly in filling unique roles needed by BBGC’s clients. Procom’s extensive experience and strong capabilities make it the ideal partner to address these critical needs.

“This is an exciting partnership for both of us, and we are excited to leverage the market-leading staffing expertise of Procom and their team,” said Alec Frusher, Head of People & Talent at BBGC.

Shared Benefits and Future Prospects

The partnership is set to yield significant benefits for both BBGC and Procom Services. BBGC will enhance its ability to support clients by leveraging Procom’s expertise in sourcing hard-to-find roles, ensuring faster response times and higher client satisfaction. For Procom, this collaboration reinforces its market position and demonstrates its ability to partner with leading firms to provide high-quality job opportunities.

“Procom is excited to partner with BBGC, a distinguished leader in the consulting industry. Our shared vision and complementary strengths make this a powerful collaboration. Together, we will drive forward the success of BBGC’s clients by delivering top-tier talent and innovative solutions,” said Chris Beckage, Vice President at Procom.


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