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Professional Photo Critique for Photographers of All Skill Levels Launched by 100ASA

100ASA, the unique photography platform that emphasises quality over quantity, has introduced its professional photo critique service online. This service is the first to be provided online, enabling photographers of all skill levels to receive constructive feedback from industry professionals.

As personal photo coaches, 100ASA’s professional photo critique team provides detailed feedback to improve your photography regardless of skill level. With the launch of the Pro photo critique version, users can chat directly with the senior critic, giving them an even more personalized experience.

“We are excited to launch our professional photo critique service online. This game-changer for photographers looking to improve their craft and receive valuable feedback from experienced professionals,” said Massimiliano Peluso, Co-Founder of 100ASA.

Professional Photo Critique is open to all levels of photographers, from beginners to professionals. The team at 100ASA believes everyone can benefit from constructive feedback and the opportunity to learn and grow as photographers.

The professional photo critique service is just one of the unique features that 100ASA offers to its community of photographers. With its emphasis on quality, community curation, tokens and rewards system, and more, 100ASA quickly becomes the go-to destination for photography enthusiasts and professionals.

For more information on 100ASA and its professional photo critique service, please visit the 100ASA website.


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