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Sahiba Patni and Armaan Bhatti; Co-Founders of WeDeliver ‘want to make ethnic groceries available for everyone in London who is living away from their home country’

WeDeliver, London’s first Ethnic and Grocery Delivery App, launched on March 14, 2023, with a mission to make ethnic groceries easily accessible to individuals living away from their native country. They differentiate themselves by procuring products directly from renowned grocery stores in London, offering a hyperlocal marketplace with a wide assortment of products, and providing detailed sales analysis to vendors. WeDeliver also focuses on accessibility, saving time for customers with prompt delivery and offering pick-and-drop services. Affordability, sustainability, and contribution to the local economy are also key aspects of their value proposition.

WeDeliver, founded by Sahiba Patni and Armaan Bhatti, is a London-based ethnic grocery delivery brand that aims to bridge the gap for individuals who crave the taste of home. By procuring products directly from renowned grocery stores in London, WeDeliver ensures freshness and quality without maintaining its own warehouse. This unique approach creates more opportunities for vendors by providing logistics supplies and generating more sales.

One of WeDeliver’s pioneering features is the establishment of an open network for direct commerce in the UK. This allows any brand, merchant, or SME to establish virtual dark stores and offer online delivery, going beyond traditional delivery models. In addition, WeDeliver provides detailed sales analysis to each store at the end of each month, helping vendors increase their sales more effectively and better understand customer preferences.

WeDeliver focuses on providing easy access to a wide range of ethnic groceries such as Aaashirvaad Atta, Dabur, Godrej, Parachute, Patanjali, Amul, and spices, eliminating the need to wait for packages from abroad. Vendors and customers both benefit from WeDeliver’s dynamic app, which is powered by AI and algorithms that offer competitive prices for products in the buyer’s vicinity. The app also stands out by offering a wide variety of organic, locally-sourced, gluten-free, and vegan options, catering to different dietary requirements and preferences. With over 13000+ product listings from different vendors, including ingredients from various ethnicities such as Indian, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan, European, British, Jamaican, Turkish, and Pakistani, WeDeliver is committed to expanding its service areas and product offerings as it grows further. The app also allows customers to filter products by ethnicity preferences, making it easier for them to find the products they need.

Accessibility is a key focus for WeDeliver, as they aim to make ethnic groceries readily available to all individuals in London, regardless of their location. They offer prompt delivery of products within 2 hours, helping customers save valuable time on their weekends that would otherwise be spent shopping. WeDeliver also offers pick-and-drop services, allowing customers to conveniently send off forgotten items, such as chargers, documents, or laundry, saving time and energy. In addition, WeDeliver provides 24/7 customer support, going above and beyond to offer a seamless experience.

Affordability is another important aspect of WeDeliver’s value proposition. They aim to make fresh fruits and vegetables accessible to the people of London without putting a strain on their wallets. By offering competitive prices, WeDeliver ensures that customers can get their favourite groceries without breaking the bank.

WeDeliver also places a strong emphasis on sustainability. They hire delivery partners from the local community and use gear cycles for delivery to reduce their environmental footprint and contribute to the local economy. Additionally, WeDeliver sources products from local suppliers to reduce transportation emissions, and they are committed to expanding their service areas and product offerings as they grow further.

WeDeliver is excited to serve customers throughout London as the city’s first ethnic grocery delivery app. They believe everyone should have access to the ingredients for the foods they love, regardless of their cultural background. With their unique approach, focus on accessibility, affordability, sustainability, and contribution to the local economy, WeDeliver is determined to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals from diverse ethnic backgrounds in London.

WeDeliver’s innovative approach to ethnic grocery delivery in London is commendable, as they strive to make ethnic groceries easily accessible to all individuals. Their unique features, such as the open network for direct commerce and detailed sales analysis for vendors, set them apart from traditional delivery models. Overall, WeDeliver’s mission to bring the flavours of home to individuals from diverse ethnic backgrounds in London is admirable, and its commitment to customer convenience and sustainability is noteworthy.


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