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Shadow Robot introduces robotics consulting and advisory services

The Shadow Robot Company, a trailblazing robotics firm hailing from the United Kingdom, well-known for its revolutionary Dextrous Hand series, has officially unveiled its Robotics Consultancy Service.

Established in London, the Shadow Robot Company specializes in the design and production of cutting-edge anthropomorphic robotic hands and systems. With the launch of its robotics consultancy service, the company aims to assist organizations in driving innovation by seamlessly integrating robotic hand technology into their products and operations.

By leveraging this consultancy service, companies will gain access to expert guidance and insightful advice on optimizing their performance, efficiency, and competitive edge through the strategic utilization of robotic hand technology. Furthermore, the service will offer customized solutions and unwavering support tailored to address specific challenges and requirements, facilitated by the company’s in-house engineering and production capabilities.

The comprehensive range of services provided includes:

  1. Technical expertise: Offering counsel on all aspects of robotic hand design, development, and implementation, encompassing feasibility studies, prototyping, testing, and validation.
  2. System integration: Seamlessly integrating robotic hands into existing systems via hardware and software solutions, complemented by comprehensive training and ongoing support.
  3. Application development: Developing new applications for robotic hands and enhancing existing ones to advance products and processes.

Rich Walker, Director of the Shadow Robot Company, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to introduce our robotics consultancy service and extend our expertise and knowledge to companies seeking innovation through robotic hand technology. We have witnessed a rise in the number of enterprises venturing into the development of their own robot hands, and we are eager to share the expertise of the industry-leading robot hand developers with the broader community. We firmly believe that robotic hand technologies hold tremendous potential to revolutionize various industries and sectors, and we are committed to assisting our clients in realizing their goals and visions.”

With over two decades of experience in designing and developing state-of-the-art robotic systems for research and industry, the Shadow Robot Company has established a noteworthy reputation. The company boasts an impressive portfolio of clients, including prestigious organizations such as NASA, ESA, OpenAI, Google Brain, MIT, University of Oxford, and University of Cambridge, among many others. Notably, the company has been recognized with several awards for its outstanding contributions to the field of robotics, including the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation in 2019, the AIconics Award for Best Innovation in AI Hardware in 2019, and the E&T Innovation Awards for Excellence in R&D, Intelligent Systems, and Tech for Good in 2020.

The robotics consultancy service is now accessible to companies worldwide, reflecting the Shadow Robot Company’s commitment to serving a global clientele.


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