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Stitch AI Alerts Entrepreneurs to Guard Against Impersonation Threats via WhatsApp Business Accounts

Stitch AI, the go-to experts in Business WhatsApp, are sounding the alarm for business proprietors about the burgeoning issue of scammers utilising the straightforward setup of WhatsApp Business Accounts to impersonate established businesses.

This recent scam strategy echoes the email spoofing of yore, now donned in the guise of WhatsApp, exploiting the platform’s ubiquitous trust and informal mode of communication. The challenge is magnified by the decentralised operation of WhatsApp Business Accounts, where employees often oversee accounts individually without unified control, placing consumers at risk and businesses in jeopardy of reputational damage. Fraudsters exploit this by coaxing individuals into transferring fraudulent fees or disclosing sensitive personal data.

Paul Gandar, Director at Stitch AI, highlighted the imperative for preventative measures, asserting, “To guard against the risk of WhatsApp fraud, it is best practise to make your Business WhatsApp account prominent on your website, update your customer communications and privacy policies to advise the WhatsApp numbers that are ‘officially safe’ to communicate over, and inform staff that only WhatsApp chats over company sanctioned accounts are allowed.”

Confronting this escalating challenge, the WhatsApp Business Platform stands out as a critically underleveraged resource. This advanced facility, offered by Meta, is distinct from the commonly utilised WhatsApp Business App. Though technically obtainable from Meta through an API, it is effectively accessible mainly via Meta Partners (BSPs) and WhatsApp Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). Stitch AI’s research uncovers that an overwhelming 97% of businesses engaging with consumers remain oblivious to this platform and its potential advantages.

The WhatsApp Business Platform caters to the pressing need for centralised governance in WhatsApp business communications. It enables businesses to link their WhatsApp Business Accounts to their primary landline numbers and manage these centrally, markedly diminishing the threat of impersonation. This centralised governance offers businesses a means to reassure customers that authentic communications will emanate from a verifiable landline number, thus instituting an additional authentication layer for consumers.

Paul urged businesses across diverse sectors to embrace the WhatsApp Business Platform, emphasising, “We urge businesses across all sectors – from real estate and recruitment to travel and trade – to recognise the urgency of adopting the WhatsApp Business Platform. Not only does it streamline communications and enhance operational efficiency, but it also plays a crucial role in safeguarding consumers against fraud.

He further advocated for an elevation in consumer discernment regarding the authenticity of business communications on WhatsApp, recommending, “Furthermore, we advocate for increased consumer awareness regarding the legitimacy of business communications on WhatsApp. Consumers should be encouraged to verify the origin of messages and remain cautious of any communication not linked to the known landline numbers of businesses.

Paul concluded by underscoring the vital importance of vigilance in the digital communication era, remarking, “In an era where digital communications are paramount, it is imperative that both businesses and consumers remain vigilant against the threats posed by technological impersonation. The adoption of the WhatsApp Business Platform represents a significant step forward in our collective effort to combat fraud and ensure a safe and trustworthy environment for digital business communications.”

For more details on implementing the WhatsApp Business Platform to secure your business and its clients, Stitch AI invites you to reach out to Paul or Andrew at Stitch AI Ltd (WhatsApp ISV), either through a call or WhatsApp message to 0330 016 2940, or via email at [email protected].


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