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Chris Brown, British Adventurer, Embarks on Historic Journey to All Earth’s Poles of Inaccessibility

Chris Brown, a 61-year-old British explorer and technology entrepreneur, is on a quest to set a world record by visiting all eight of the Earth’s poles of inaccessibility (PIA). These PIAs are the most remote points from the nearest coastline or landmass in any direction.

Brown began this extraordinary journey in 2019 and has already achieved success in five continental PIAs. Sharing his expedition experiences on TikTok (@chrisbrownexplores), Brown recently overcame a significant challenge by reaching the Southern PIA in Antarctica. This achievement followed a harrowing experience that saw him stranded for 28 days on a previous attempt.

To date, Brown has conquered PIAs in North America, South America, and Australia, with his sights now set on the unexplored PIAs of Eurasia, the Arctic, and the Oceanic regions.

Describing the unique challenges each PIA presents, Brown said, “Each of these Poles of Inaccessibility pose their own risks.” He recounted the human-related perils he faced in Africa, such as bandits, corrupt officials, warlords, The Russian Wagner Group, and ISIS. In contrast, the extreme cold and rugged landscape of Antarctica posed entirely different challenges, showcasing the variety of obstacles faced.

Brown is motivated by the desire to inspire the youth to embrace exploration and risk-taking. “You definitely don’t have to be in Africa or Antarctica to go exploring, and you definitely don’t need to involve helicopters or soldiers to do it,” he stated.

His next significant venture is to Point Nemo, the Oceanic PIA in the Pacific Ocean. This remote point is closer to the International Space Station than any human settlement on Earth. The expedition, set for March, will begin in Chile and conclude in French Polynesia.

Despite setbacks in reaching the Northern PIA in the Arctic due to adverse weather conditions and the Russia-Ukraine war, Brown remains committed to his goal. His adventurous spirit has led him to complete open water challenges, swim across the Bosphorus, and set a World Record in race diving.

Brown recently pulled out of the Titan Submersible expedition due to safety concerns, a decision underscored by the tragic loss of his friend and fellow explorer, Hamish Harding, in a submersible accident on a mission to the Titanic wreck.

For more information and updates on Chris Brown’s unprecedented exploration, visit [inaccessibility.net](https://inaccessibility.net).


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