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Companion Stairlifts Unveils the Accessibility of UK’s Theme Parks

Companion Stairlifts has recently released the findings of a comprehensive study examining the accessibility of theme parks across the United Kingdom. The research delved into the diverse facilities provided by each theme park, focusing on the number of wheelchair-accessible rides and accommodations available for visitors with limited mobility.

The study shed light on the varying degrees of accessibility among UK theme parks, highlighting both disabled-friendly parks and those in need of improvement when it comes to catering to visitors with limited mobility. Additionally, it revealed that many parks could enhance their efforts in making accessibility information easily accessible to the public, as some parks currently lack any form of comprehensive accessibility information.

Among the noteworthy findings of the study, it was revealed that Brighton Pier, Drusillas Park, and Crealy Theme Park & Resort are the only theme parks where all rides are accessible to wheelchair users.

For a detailed analysis and in-depth insights, readers are encouraged to explore the complete article available at: https://www.companionstairlifts.co.uk/news/the-accessibility-of-every-uk-theme-park

Companion Stairlifts’ study serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking to explore UK theme parks with accessibility in mind, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the thrilling experiences these parks have to offer.


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