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The Rise of Supercar Sharing® in the Luxury Market

Since its foundation in 2021 in Zurich, Switzerland, Supercar Sharing AG has rapidly grown into a prominent entity in the luxury car-sharing and tourism industry within Europe. Its client roster is studded with celebrities and high-profile business magnates. The company is now strategising for international expansion, which includes developing franchise partnerships and inaugurating a leading showroom and car storage facility in Dubai. Furthermore, plans are underway to open a new branch in Mallorca by 2024, reinforcing its commitment to the luxury tourism sector.

In just two years, Supercar Sharing has attracted over a thousand members from the sports car community and has recorded portfolio order values surpassing 8 million CHF. A significant highlight is its exclusive co-ownership model for the Bugatti Chiron Sport, a pioneering venture in the co-ownership sphere of the sharing economy.

Supercar Sharing® is focused on setting itself as a durable leader in the luxury sharing market. With aspirations to open 30 more franchise areas within the next five years and expand its fleet to over 200 luxury vehicles and supercars, the company is poised for substantial growth.

Innovating with a Co-Ownership Model: Luxurious and Economical

The innovation at Supercar Sharing is embodied in its Supercar Co-Ownership System®. This unique system allows international customers to purchase ownership stakes, starting from a 10% share, in luxury vehicles such as those registered in Switzerland.

Co-ownership offers customers rights to use the vehicle, as well as voting and participation rights. The model brings numerous benefits:

  • Cost Sharing: The co-ownership structure enables the distribution of acquisition and operational costs of luxury vehicles among a limited circle of car enthusiasts, enhancing accessibility and fiscal prudence.
  • Professional Management: Supercar Sharing ensures professional management of the vehicles, covering maintenance to insurance, providing co-owners with a seamless experience.
  • Greater Cost Effectiveness: Co-ownership stands out as a more economical and sustainable option compared to individual buying, leasing, or renting of vehicles in the long run.

Holding brand rights in 31 countries, the company’s revenue streams include co-ownership, vehicle trading, memberships, rentals, and franchise partnerships.

Deivis H. Valdes, Supercar Sharing Group’s founder and CEO, shares his optimism: “We are proud of the growth and acceptance of our brand in the luxury car-sharing and tourism market so far. With our planned expansion and focus on franchise partnerships, we are confident that Supercar Sharing® will set the standard for the future of luxury sharing on a global scale.”

Deivis H. Valdes and Joschua Ammann, the primary shareholders of Supercar Sharing AG, are currently seeking franchise partners to globalize their successful business model.


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