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Major Upgrade Announced for Genie AI’s SuperDrafter Editor

Genie AI, a London-based legaltech firm renowned for its AI-driven document drafting, review, and negotiation tools, has recently upgraded its SuperDrafter software. This enhancement aims to refine the process of editing legal documents.

A significant number of legal professionals, estimated at 90%, utilise Microsoft Word, a software first introduced in 1983. With an increasing shift of lawyers from Microsoft to Apple systems, there’s a growing demand for Microsoft Word alternatives that:

  • Are compatible with .docx files
  • Operate securely in a web browser
  • Facilitate real-time collaboration with clients

SuperDrafter not only fulfills these requirements but also includes an AI legal assistant and an extensive library of contracts and clauses. Unlike AI add-ons for Microsoft Word, which lack a comprehensive workflow due to not controlling the base software, SuperDrafter offers a seamless and dependable end-to-end solution, having been developed from the ground up. The latest ‘Track Changes’ feature in SuperDrafter allows for contextual comments on alterations, facilitating collaborative discussions for consensus. Changes can be swiftly approved or dismissed, keeping document-related communications out of your inbox. Recognising lawyers’ preference for familiar styling, SuperDrafter now adeptly imports and allows for easy editing of the original styles from Microsoft Word documents.

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Rafie Faruq, CEO and co-founder of Genie AI, remarked: “SuperDrafter is Genie’s flagship product – goodbye typewriter, hello intelligent drafting! Many companies continue to work on clunky Microsoft Word plugins, but we’re able to re-design the drafting and document review process specifically for legal needs – SuperDrafter is fully docx compatible and real-time collaborative.”

With more than 40,000 users adopting SuperDrafter for their legal contract drafting, editing, reviewing, and negotiating, since its launch two years ago, Genie AI has also been developing the world’s most advanced AI legal assistant and the largest open source legal library.

Learn More: For detailed information about SuperDrafter, visit the full blog on Genie AI’s website.

Try the Latest Version: Experience Genie AI’s SuperDrafter and the AI Legal Assistant for free during its beta phase at https://app.genieai.co/signup or import a document at https://genie.new.


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