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Suresh Kumar Launches “Follow that Dream” at The Nehru Centre, Indian High Commission in London

On a summer evening, Wednesday 12th July 2023, at The Nehru Centre in Mayfair, London, Suresh Kumar, author of “Follow that Dream,” joined forces with Lord Jeffrey Archer for the highly anticipated book launch of their bestselling novel.

“Follow that Dream” unveils the captivating true story of a British Indian family navigating the challenges of life while relentlessly pursuing their dreams. The narrative unfolds during the tumultuous period of India’s partition in 1947, as the first generation of the family makes the courageous decision to leave their hometown in Kitna, Punjab, in search of better opportunities. The book portrays the obstacles faced by those who start anew in a foreign environment, striving to provide for their loved ones.

This compelling story follows a young British Indian with a burning ambition to make his mark in business, politics, and the local community. Through ups and downs, the narrative resonates with readers across generations, inspiring them to persevere and “Follow that Dream.” The creation of this book has been a decade-long labour of love, evolving from handwritten musings on scattered pieces of paper to the polished version it is today. With deep gratitude, the book shares stories that highlight the highs and lows of life, ultimately echoing the sentiment that living life to the fullest means doing it on one’s own terms. The underlying motto throughout is “Opportunity is never far from those who seek it.”

“Suresh Kumar has masterfully crafted ‘Follow that Dream,’ a novel with all the ingredients of a bestseller: emotions, romance, drama, suspense, intrigue, struggle, and success,” said Suresh Kumar himself.

Lord Archer expressed his delight in supporting Suresh Kumar, a long-time friend, and his book “Follow that Dream.” Lord Archer acknowledged the book’s significance in highlighting a family’s journey prior to the 1947 partition and their pursuit of new beginnings in London. He confidently predicted that the book was on track to become a bestseller.

Suresh Kumar expressed his joy at the response to “Follow that Dream.” The reviews and comments have been encouraging and warmly welcomed.

Jaspreet Sukhija, First Secretary Trade from The Indian High Commission, praised the book and commended Suresh Kumar as a kind and supportive individual always ready to assist others in need. He emphasised the book’s importance in showcasing the historical journey of a family from Punjab, India, to London, UK, and how they worked hard to establish new roots in a foreign land.

Renowned music maestro Pandit Dinesh, known for his contributions to Bollywood and mainstream music in the UK, applauded Suresh Kumar for his support of local artists and organising high-profile Bollywood concerts for the community. He mentioned that Suresh Kumar has a deep love for both Eastern and Western music, with his favorite artists being Elvis Presley and Kishore Kumar.

The book signing segment of the evening was a resounding success, with guests eagerly lining up for a signed copy of “Follow that Dream” by Suresh Kumar.

Suresh Kumar expressed his delight at Lord Archer’s entertaining presence and the audience’s captivation as he explained his book writing process. He remarked that there was no better person to conduct the book launch than the renowned, multimillion-selling author, Jeffrey Archer.

The guests in attendance resonated with their own journeys from the Indian subcontinent to London, reminiscing about the early days when they traveled here with their families in search of better opportunities and prospects.

Suresh Kumar emphasised the warm welcome that the United Kingdom has extended to immigrants over the years, providing them with improved prospects. He highlighted the importance of gratitude towards the country they now call home, pledging loyalty and steadfast support. According to Suresh Kumar, there is no better place than the United Kingdom.

“Suresh Kumar’s ‘Follow that Dream’ is available for purchase on Amazon or through www.sureshkumar.co.uk.”


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