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LetMeSpeak Introduces Interactive AI Dialogues for Spoken English Practice

LetMeSpeak is thrilled to unveil its latest breakthrough in English language learning – interactive dialogues powered by an AI bot. These cutting-edge dialogues provide users with an immersive experience, enabling them to practice their spoken English skills in a convenient and engaging format.

The AI bot is designed to be polite and friendly, creating a safe and comfortable environment for users to practice and improve their spoken English. Users can engage in dynamic and lively conversations, simulating real-life situations that may arise unexpectedly.

LetMeSpeak takes a practical approach to language learning, focusing on authentic tasks rather than memorising phrases that may not be applicable in real-life situations. Users are presented with tasks to complete, mirroring real-life scenarios. The AI bot evaluates the user’s performance, providing valuable feedback to aid learners in their progress.

“Our primary goal in developing the Dialogues was to provide users with the opportunity to practice their language skills in real-life scenarios. We wanted to recreate the experience of helping a friend with an order at a cafe, giving users a tangible goal to achieve. The AI Dialogues, powered by ChatGPT technology, simulate authentic conversations, evaluate progress, and provide valuable feedback after each interaction.

By offering unlimited practice sessions through our innovative AI Dialogues, users can enhance their language proficiency and build confidence before engaging in real-world situations. These Dialogues faithfully replicate genuine conversations, allowing users to ask additional questions or seek recommendations from the virtual barista. This novel approach to language practice fosters curiosity and engagement, providing a unique avenue for honing speaking skills,” explained Konstantin Degtiarev, Managing Director of LetMeSpeak.

Embrace this groundbreaking approach to learning English by joining LetMeSpeak on their platform.

LetMeSpeak – shaping the future of English language learning.

The interactive dialogues are available to all users on the web and Android platforms and will soon be accessible on iOS.


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