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What Do You Call Your EV? Top Electric Vehicle Nicknames Unveiled

  • The Electric Car Scheme discloses the most humorous and popular names for EVs as chosen by the British public.
  • The EV salary sacrifice provider also predicts some potential names for future EV models.

The Electric Car Scheme has revealed some of the best nicknames for the UK’s electric vehicles and has also forecasted future electric car model names.

As the market progresses and electric cars become more widespread, so do the familiar nicknames for family cars and favourite run-arounds. Although they have some way to go to match the iconic names like KITT from the Knight Rider TV series or Herbie the Volkswagen Beetle, we might see a famous TV EV in the coming years to inspire more nicknames and iconic models.

Top nicknames for electric cars:

  • Joules
  • Robert (Kia) De-Niro
  • Electra
  • Tesla Turner
  • Charge Clooney

Automakers place great importance on their brands and model names, with some, such as the Volkswagen Golf and Honda Civic, having been around for over 50 years. However, EV model names have generally been less inspiring, with the top five selling model names in 2023 being Y, MG4, Q4 e-tron, 3, and 2, respectively. As automakers focus more on EVs, we could see much more creative names. The Electric Car Scheme has identified some of the best options for future model names.

Predicted future EV model names:

  • Toyota Inazuma
  • Honda Zephyr
  • Rolls Royce Voltaire
  • Ferrari Fulmena
  • Fiat VoltaVita
  • Ford Thunderbolt

Thom Groot, CEO and Co-Founder of The Electric Car Scheme, remarked: “Electric cars haven’t had the most inspiring names so far, but as with the advent of the internal combustion engine and basic names such as the Model-T, these will just be the precursor to a new generation of iconic names and brands. On the other hand, we are already seeing some creative and comic nicknames for the EVs Brits are already driving as people get to know the benefits and characteristics of their electric cars.

“We know that many people want to get behind the wheel of an electric car, and that once they do, they find any concerns around range or space quickly disappear, especially as the benefits become more and more apparent. We also know that for 68% of people it is the cost that is preventing them from making the switch to electric, so as costs come down, we could be seeing many more classic EVs nicknames being used every day.”


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