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The 2023 Maker Awards: Celebrating Craftsmanship and Innovation

Business Awards UK is delighted to announce the winners and finalists of The 2023 Maker Awards, recognising outstanding achievements in craftsmanship and innovation among the UK’s artisans, innovators, and entrepreneurs. These individuals and entities have excelled in their respective domains, demonstrating exceptional dedication to their craft and making significant contributions to their industries.

Winners of The 2023 Maker Awards

  • Fan The Glory With Tori – Diversity and Inclusion Champion
  • North Product Design – Industry Leader Award
  • Wood & Wire – Best Youth Development
  • Enamel on the Yarrow – Triumph Over Adversity Award
  • Vanlife Conversions – Best Customer Focus
  • Laura-Louise Winterbourne, The Giftie Company – Rising Star Award
  • Vanlife Conversions – Best Customer Experience
  • Christopher Leslie Bespoke – Best Artisanal Business
  • The Giftie Company – Fastest Business Growth

Finalists of The 2023 Maker Awards

  • Wood & Wire – Best Customer Focus
  • The Marquetry Shack – Industry Leader Award
  • Enamel on the Yarrow – Best Youth Development
  • Varlowe Industrial Services – Rising Star Award
  • Christopher Leslie Bespoke – Triumph Over Adversity Award
  • Cuecard Productions – Most Positive Community Impact
  • Qawaya – Best Digital Creation
  • Varlowe Industrial Services – Best Customer Experience
  • Christopher Leslie Bespoke – Best Customer Focus
  • Cuecard Productions – Industry Leader Award

The Maker Awards underscore the exceptional talent and ingenuity within the creative and craft industries, highlighting a period where the tangible and the sincere are immensely valued. These awards commend the innovative spirit, mastery of skill, and passionate dedication that fuel the maker community, inspiring both emerging talents and established craftsmen alike.

Congratulations to all the winners and finalists for their remarkable achievements in the realm of making. Their steadfast dedication to excellence, innovative spirit, and adherence to sustainable practices have not only enhanced the marketplace with premium products but have also championed the values of artistry and innovation in their sectors. Their work transcends their workshops, influencing the broader economic and cultural spheres, and setting unparalleled standards of excellence within the maker community.

For more information on The 2023 Maker Awards or to schedule interviews with the awardees or finalists, please get in touch with Business Awards UK. Let us keep celebrating and supporting the extraordinary skills that contribute to the dynamic and varied landscape of British craftsmanship.


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