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Bluewater Introduces Groundbreaking Sustainable Bottling Initiative in Indonesian Hospitality Industry

Bluewater, at the forefront of innovative water purification and beverage solutions, has rolled out its cutting-edge HotelStation™ bottling system in Indonesia, signalling a pivotal shift towards eliminating the reliance on single-use plastic water bottles in the hotel and restaurant sectors. This pioneering initiative was first implemented at the 4-star Novotel Jakarta Mangga Dua Square, a hotel celebrated for its modern aesthetics and now its strong environmental ethos.

The sleek HotelStation™ offers a sustainable way for hotels to serve guests high-quality, purified, and remineralised water, circumventing the environmental and financial burdens associated with traditional bottled water logistics. The system meticulously sanitises used glass bottles and refills them with water that has been purified by the top-tier Bluewater PRO water purifier, complete with hygienic sealing and labelling.

Designed to cater to the needs of up to 17 hotels, including around 4,000 guest accommodations and their related dining and wellness amenities, this initiative showcases Bluewater’s commitment to sustainable water consumption and the reduction of the carbon emissions linked to the conventional bottled water supply chain.

“Bluewater’s smart bottling solution is a game-changer for the hospitality industry,” declared Didier Perez, the leader of PIPA water company in Jakarta, Indonesia, acquired by Bluewater in December 2023. “By removing up to 99.7 percent of known water contaminants, including toxic chemicals like PFAS, viruses and bacteria, and micro- and nano-plastic particles, we are not only providing clean and healthy drinking water to local hotels but also making a significant contribution to reducing plastic waste.”

This endeavour aligns perfectly with Bluewater’s overarching mission to improve access to clean drinking water globally, positively affecting human health and environmental sustainability. The firm is dedicated to crafting and deploying state-of-the-art water purification solutions to meet the demands of contemporary water usage.

“Launching our innovative HotelStation solution in Indonesia represents a significant milestone in Bluewater’s mission,” said Bluewater founder and CEO Bengt Rittri. He pointed out the environmental urgency by stating, “Studies have found that hotels worldwide consume over five million plastic bottles daily, and this launch showcases the role of innovative technology in driving sustainability and well-being in an industry notorious for its extensive plastic waste generation.”

The increasing public anxiety over water quality, fueled by scientific research highlighting the risks of micro-plastic contamination in bottled water and chemical pollutants in tap water, is a growing concern. A comprehensive GlobeScan survey showed that 58 percent of nearly 30,000 participants from 31 countries, including Indonesia, Vietnam, and China, consider the shortage of freshwater to be a ‘severe’ problem.

“Access to clean, safe drinking water without plastic is a fundamental human right, and it’s alarming to see how worried people are becoming – with justification – about their water quality,” Rittri highlighted. He stressed that Bluewater’s leading-edge purification solutions aim to directly tackle these concerns for both individual consumers and the HORECA industry.

Swedish environmental entrepreneur Bengt Rittri emphasised that Bluewater’s purification technologies are more than just a response to water quality issues; they are a vital step towards a sustainable water future, benefiting consumers, businesses, and national security alike.

“When we launched Bluewater, we created a planetary plan rather than a traditional business plan, driven by the desire to help combat climate change consequences and accelerate moving to a circular economy,” Rittri concluded.


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