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Anthea Turner Explores Bodyvie’s 20-Year Journey in UK Aesthetics

Renowned television presenter Anthea Turner engages with Dr. Andrew Weber, the co-founder of Bodyvie, a leading aesthetic clinic in the UK, for a comprehensive discussion about Bodyvie’s transformative journey and its pioneering holistic approach to aesthetic treatments and skincare. This enlightening conversation is featured in a new episode of the Aesthetics Today Podcast.

Bodyvie’s Evolution

Bodyvie, initially established in central London, extended its reach to Richmond two decades ago. Dr. Weber provides insights into the clinic’s growth and innovation, stating, “We’ve evolved in many ways. We started off in central London and then opened a clinic in Richmond. We’ve been here for 20 years.” This expansion has enabled Bodyvie to cater to a wider clientele and continuously update its service offerings with the latest technologies.

Holistic Care Philosophy

Bodyvie sets itself apart through its holistic care philosophy, treating clients as whole beings rather than focusing on isolated issues. Anthea Turner emphasises this unique approach, recognising that Bodyvie was one of the first clinics to adopt this comprehensive view. Dr. Weber elaborates,

“We started off just with an IPL and then a laser, and then another laser, and then we started working with injectables. Everything that we have done has evolved gradually.”

Addressing Hormonal Health

A significant part of the discussion centres on the importance of hormonal health, particularly during menopause. Dr. Weber’s extensive background in general practice has influenced Bodyvie’s approach to incorporating hormone replacement therapy (HRT) as part of their treatment plans. He explains, “HRT on its own has immense benefits. Preventing osteoporosis, cardiovascular problems, stabilising your sugar.”

Comprehensive Patient Care

Bodyvie’s commitment to holistic care extends beyond aesthetics, addressing overall well-being and confidence. Dr. Weber remarks, “They want to look better, they want to be more self-confident, they want to have more self-esteem, and we’re just there to facilitate them.”

This approach ensures that patients receive personalised care that enhances both their appearance and their quality of life.

Listen to the full episode here.


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