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“Beat The Binge-Eating Trap”: A New Online Program by Mind Food Body Ltd

Mind Food Body Ltd, established by Hanna Longstaff, proudly unveils its innovative online program, “Beat The Binge-Eating Trap.” As a seasoned recovery coach for binge-eating and bulimia, Hanna introduces her unique MFB METHOD, offering a straightforward, quick, and effective approach for individuals seeking lasting solutions to their binge-eating challenges.

Since its launch in August, Mind Food Body Ltd has rapidly become a preferred destination for executives and busy professionals looking for transformational coaching, securing five coaching clients immediately upon opening.

Hanna Longstaff’s journey with binge-eating, starting in January 1990 during maternity leave, underscores the effectiveness of her methods. Overcoming the negative impacts of binge-eating on her health and well-being, Hanna reached a turning point on the eve of her 50th birthday in October 2010, initiating a personal development journey.

Hanna invested over £50,000 in various courses, training, and empowerment events, learning from influential figures such as Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, Bob Proctor, and Marisa Peer. A pivotal experience with Marisa Peer in 2013 led Hanna to realise the crucial role of subconscious programming in addressing binge-eating and bulimia.

By 2016, Hanna had successfully broken free from binge-eating, prompting her to develop the “Beat The Binge-Eating Trap” program. Launching in January 2024, this program provides a convenient and accessible resource for individuals, aiming to reach a broader audience with less reliance on live coaching hours.

Hanna Longstaff asserts her conviction in the program’s effectiveness, saying, “If I can do it, you can do it too, and with my help, clients can do it the quick and easy way, rather than the long and painful way like I did.”

For those eager to overcome binge-eating for good, Hanna Longstaff invites you to join the “Beat The Binge-Eating Trap” program. For more details, visit mindfoodbodycoach.com.


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