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Windsor Crowned as the UK’s Top Pizza-Loving City – A Comprehensive Study Reveals the UK’s Pizza Hotspots

A recent study has unveiled Windsor as the UK’s most pizza-enthusiastic city, boasting an impressive 155 pizza restaurants and takeaways. This enthusiasm is further reflected in its 2791 pizza-related internet searches per month. Following closely behind are Canterbury, Leeds, Liverpool, and Brighton, rounding out the top five pizza-loving cities.

This study meticulously considered various factors, including the number of pizza restaurants, the balance between boutique and chain pizza establishments, and the average monthly internet searches for pizza-related queries, all relative to a population of 100,000.

Revealing the top 10 cities for pizza aficionados, the research was conducted by Luck.com. The analysis focused on the number of branded chain pizza eateries versus the volume of pizza-related online search terms. Higher search volumes were instrumental in determining the UK’s top pizza cities.

Windsor takes the lead with 155 pizza outlets and an average of 2791 monthly searches for pizza-related terms per 100,000 people. The city offers a range of pizza options, including one each of Dominos, Pizza Hut, Pizza Express, Zizzi, and Franco Manca. Dominos alone garners 1239 searches per month. The remaining restaurants are independent, making Windsor a haven for pizza lovers.

Canterbury, a compact yet vibrant city, follows as the second most pizza-passionate city. It houses six chain pizzerias, including two Pizza Huts and one each of Dominos, Pizza Express, Zizzi, and Franco Manca. The city records 3102 pizza-specific searches monthly per 100,000 people, demonstrating a strong preference for convenience and variety. Canterbury’s overall pizza passion score stands at 59.0.

Leeds, with its 309 pizza establishments and 35 chain pizzerias, ranks third. The city’s pizza landscape includes nine Pizza Huts, twelve Dominos, and a selection of other popular chains. Leeds sees 2571 pizza-specific searches monthly per 100,000 people, with 1513 searches for Dominos alone, reflecting its status as a student city. Its pizza passion score is 52.1.

Liverpool, in fourth place, boasts 260 pizza restaurants, with 28 being chain establishments. This indicates a solid demand for pizza in the city. The monthly search for pizza-related terms per 100,000 people is relatively modest at 611, yet Liverpool offers 26 independent pizza outlets, suggesting a preference for unique pizza experiences. Its score for pizza love is 37.3.

Brighton, known for its beaches, also shows a love for pizza, ranking fifth. Despite having only 14 chain pizzerias, Brighton records a high monthly search volume of 3731 for pizza, with Dominos searches accounting for a significant portion. The city’s passion for diverse pizza options is evident in its 19 boutique pizzerias. Brighton’s pizza passion score is 35.0.

Belfast and Manchester also feature prominently as pizza-loving cities, with Bristol and Cardiff tying at a score of 31.3. Surprisingly, London, despite being the capital, ranks lower on the list with 295 pizza outlets but only 1414 monthly searches per 100,000 people. Its pizza-loving score is 29.1 out of 100.

A spokesperson for Luck.com commented on the study’s findings: “It’s a pleasant surprise that Windsor is to be the most ‘pizza-loving’ city in the UK, however, it’s also not surprising that the other top places are very youthful student-based cities with a lot of restaurants and take-aways.”

A spokesperson for Luck.com has said of the study “it’s a pleasant surprise that Windsor is to be the most ‘pizza loving’ city in the UK, however it’s also not surprising that the other top places are very youthful student based cities with a lot of restaurants and take-aways.”

CityNo. of Pizza Places (per 100,000)No. of Chain Pizza Places (per 100,000)No. of Boutique Pizza Places (per 100,000)Generic Pizza Query (per 100,000 people)Chain Pizza Query (per 100,000 people)Passion for Pizza Score (/100) 

The study provides a detailed analysis of the pizza landscape in the UK, considering factors such as the number of pizza restaurants, boutique vs chain establishments, and search interest, all offering insights into the UK’s passion for pizza.


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  • Pizza Hut, Dominos, Papa Johns, Zizzi, Pizza Express, Franco Manca, Bella Italia, Rudy’s and Vapiano’s.
  • World Population Review


  •  Number of Pizza Restaurants: Indicates overall availability.
  • Number of Boutique Pizza Places: Indicates interest in diverse and potentially higher-quality pizza options.
  •  Reach Per 100,000: Reflects pizza place density relative to population.
  • Average Monthly Search for Pizza-Related Terms: Shows the level of active interest in pizza.


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