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Robocleaning Services Ltd’s Impressive Expansion in Ascot, Berkshire’s Cleaning Market

Robocleaning Services Ltd, a top-tier provider of end-of-tenancy cleaning, proudly shares news of its substantial business growth. This development represents a significant transition from its modest inception to its current status as a key figure in the cleaning industry.

The company has successfully completed end-of-tenancy cleaning for more than 3000 homes, particularly focusing on properties with 4-9 bedrooms in Berkshire and Surrey. Achieved amidst the pandemic, this success underscores the firm’s commitment to delivering excellent service.

The journey for Founder Jo Boateng began in 2012 following redundancy from Siemans Facility Management. Despite facing challenges, Boateng pursued further education at Kings College for two years, earning a degree in Youth and Community Development. Initially equipped with just a small vehicle, the company faced challenges in scaling up operations to meet increasing demands. Early feedback about equipment provision from clients prompted a strategic shift towards exceptional service delivery.

Boateng’s response to these challenges included a £42,000 investment in a branded Ford Transit, significantly boosting the company’s local brand visibility. Additionally, investing in employee training, Robocleaning Services Ltd ensured the highest standards in all its offerings. The addition of in-house oven and carpet cleaning services further cemented the company’s reputation as a full-service provider in the cleaning industry.

This focus on strategic investment and service excellence has resulted in considerable business growth. What started with servicing a single property each day now involves three teams handling three properties daily. The company, which began in 2008 and expanded its tenant services in 2012, has achieved a turnover of £250,000 and has set its sights on continued expansion.

Robocleaning Services Ltd advocates for proper arrangements before tenancy ends to avert cleaning disputes and unsuccessful checkouts. The team dedicates itself to facilitating stress-free moves for tenants and their families.

In the words of Jo Boateng, the Founder:

“We are thrilled to witness the remarkable growth of Robocleaning Services Ltd. Our commitment to delivering exceptional service to letting agents, landlords, relocation teams and tenants, has been the driving force behind our success. We believe in making end-of-tenancy moves hassle-free for our clients, and our growth is a testament to the trust they place in us.”


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