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Two Decades of Security Excellence: Christie and Associates’ Milestone Anniversary

Christie and Associates is celebrating an impressive 20-year journey of providing exceptional private military security services, both in London and internationally. Originating as a bodyguard service in London, the firm has since transformed into a premier provider of close protection for a diverse range of clients including corporate executives, board members, and entrepreneurs.

Moreover, Christie and Associates has extended its expertise to cater to private residential security needs of royal families and create custom surveillance solutions for some of London’s most esteemed law firms.

This 20th anniversary marks the firm’s dedication to maintaining high standards and evolving within the dynamic private security sector. The recruitment strategy of Christie and Associates focuses on hiring ex-members of the British military, ensuring a majority of their staff in close protection, surveillance, and intelligence roles have extensive experience and specialised training. The firm prides itself on its team leaders from prestigious units like the British Special Boat Service (SBS) and Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR), signifying its commitment to employing the most proficient professionals.

Christie and Associates has established a trusted reputation for its discreet yet effective security solutions, serving a clientele that values utmost professionalism and confidentiality. As the firm looks ahead, it continues to strive for the highest standards of service, perpetuating its tradition of excellence in the realm of private military security.


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