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Economic Pressures Lead Brits to Sideline Sustainability in Christmas Shopping, Manhattan Associates Study Shows

A new study by Manhattan Associates Inc. (NASDAQ: MANH) highlights a shift in British consumer habits this Christmas, with economic pressures leading to a decreased focus on sustainability. The survey, conducted by YouGov, found that amidst the cost-of-living crisis, 32% of Brits are not actively looking for sustainable products or brands for their holiday shopping.

Sustainable Shopping Takes a Backseat

Craig Summers, Manhattan Associates’ Managing Director UKI, MEA & Nordics, comments on the economic impact on consumer choices: “The golden quarter and holiday season is well underway but clearly the state of the economy is having an effect on customer behaviour – unfortunately, it looks as if cost is trumping sustainability just now.”

Despite the current trend, the study reveals that outside the festive season, British consumers still value sustainability, with a significant majority supporting sustainable packaging and product lifecycles. Furthermore, many are willing to adjust their shopping habits to lower carbon emissions.

Retailers’ Role in Balancing Sustainability and Cost

For retailers, the challenge lies in offering sustainable yet affordable options. They must consider sustainability from the start of the product design process and work towards greener supply chains. Summers reflects on the challenges faced in 2023: “This year has been tough for retailers and consumers across the board… While inflation is beginning to ease, the road to recovery will not happen overnight… but hopefully we will see greener shoots of recovery for the economy, and also consumer impetus for sustainability, return in the spring.”


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