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LEAP Offers Free Energy and Money-Saving Advice to Residents of Kent and Essex

The Local Energy Advice Partnership (LEAP), known for providing free energy and money-saving advice, has extended its services to the residents of London, Kent, and Essex. This expansion comes as part of the ongoing efforts to combat rising fuel poverty in the UK.

Residents in these areas who are facing difficulties with their energy bills or struggling to heat their homes this winter can now avail free advice from LEAP’s network of qualified energy advisors. They can also access support for energy efficiency and energy-saving technological enhancements.

The recent government announcement about a 5% price cap rise from the current rates is set to impact 29 million energy customers across the UK, with fuel costs anticipated to increase by £94 for direct debit customers. This rise is particularly concerning for households in Kent and Essex, where, according to the Office of National Statistics, areas south of Tunbridge Wells rank low in energy efficiency. National Energy Action has highlighted that nearly 6000 households in Harwich and North Essex are living in fuel poverty.

Vanessa Springham, Head of Marketing & Communications at LEAP, underscores the immediacy of the issue: “Fuel poverty is right on our doorstep. We are here to help local residents with free energy advice; it all starts with a relaxed, informal call. Anyone in the area who is struggling with the rising cost of energy bills is encouraged to get in touch. It’s about helping households minimise the risk of falling into fuel poverty and for those who are already in it, it’s reminding them that they don’t have to suffer alone.”

LEAP’s services are comprehensive, offering appliance support, energy advice, and access to energy efficiency funding schemes and boiler replacement. Residents of Kent and Essex are encouraged to contact LEAP through their website and schedule a call to benefit from these free services.


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