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Study by OrderFlow Shows a Significant 52% Drop in Black Friday Searches Since 2019

As the Black Friday sales era tapers off, businesses in e-commerce and retail across the UK are busy preparing to cater to the heightened seasonal demand and deciding on their promotional offers for the period.

OrderFlow’s recent data reveals a marked decrease in enthusiasm for the sales period in the UK as of 2023.

52% Decline in Black Friday Searches Since 2019

Data from Statistica indicates that in 2022, British shoppers spent a total of £8.71 billion during Black Friday. While this year remains an important period for sales, there’s evidence suggesting a diminishing growth curve.

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Insights from Google Trends and Glimpse show significant spikes in Black Friday searches on the day itself, but post-2019’s peak, there’s been a consistent downturn in search volume, with 2023’s forecasts indicating another decrease.

Exploring the Causes for the Decline

Current economic conditions in the UK might lead to a heightened sensitivity to prices, potentially making Black Friday deals more appealing. However, the increasing inclination to economize and lessen waste has resulted in a 31% jump in search volume for second-hand retailers like Vinted compared to 2021. According to PwC, only 20% of consumers intend to shop on Black Friday, with just 17% expecting worthwhile deals on the day.

This pattern points to a mounting apathy towards the sale period. Still, the data hints at a considerable upsurge in demand, affirming its importance for the sales of many e-commerce outlets.

Utilising WMS Software for Peak Season Management

Data from OrderFlow shows that the search term ‘WMS‘ often sees a spike following the sales period into the new year, as many look to revamp their stock management strategies during the less busy months.


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