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Goldtree Reserve’s Gold Investment Initiative Achieves Remarkable Success

Goldtree Reserve is delighted to report the exceptional performance of its gold investment program initiated in March 2023. Since its launch, the program has been on a trajectory to transform the gold trading sector, marking a significant international trade milestone between West Africa and Dubai.

Designed by Goldtree’s licensed entity, this innovative program has seen substantial growth and success over the past three years. By March 2023, Goldtree Reserve had executed approximately 70 successful trades, prompting CEO Mr. Jacob Moore and the licensed partner to establish a public platform. This move, formalised under UK law and validated by the respected law firm Spencer West LLP, allows affluent investors to take advantage of this lucrative opportunity.

From its inception in 2023, the program has propelled the gold trade from €15M to €85M in under a year. The collaborative efforts of Goldtree Reserve and its licensed entity mandates, including the UK branch, have not only escalated the trade value but have also furnished investors globally with an investment vehicle offering returns tenfold higher than conventional financial products like ISAs and bonds.

Initially starting with a single Emirates Sky cargo plane for gold transport, the operation has evolved into a more elaborate setup. Currently, three planes leave Ghana bi-weekly, distributing gold equity across multiple aircraft to minimize transit risks. Mr. Moore has assured investors that with ongoing growth in trade value, additional aircraft will be incorporated by Goldtree’s partner to further mitigate risks.

The Goldtree Reserve investment program is tailored exclusively for high-net-worth and self-certified sophisticated investors, presenting a revitalizing option in the alternative investment market. It is fast becoming a leading platform in today’s gold investment landscape.

Investors in the program benefit from bi-weekly income payments, with options for deferral or compounding over three years. The program offers a guaranteed annual return of 12% to 15%, with a deferred return of 20% after one year. By opting to compound their interest, investors can achieve a fixed return of 72.8% over three years. Goldtree sets itself apart with a steadfast commitment to transparency and ethical practices, ensuring these exceptional returns are sustainable.

For more information about Goldtree Reserve and its gold investment program, please visit www.goldtreereserve.com.


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