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Indie Ridge Digital Partners with Sanity to Elevate Digital Content in Professional Services

Indie Ridge Digital, a leader in developing top-tier websites for professional service sectors, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Sanity, a pioneer in content management systems, commencing in 2024. This strategic move builds upon Indie Ridge’s prior successful collaboration with Passle in 2023, which notably enhanced its clientele’s ability to produce authoritative thought leadership and expert content.

This new partnership with Sanity is set to introduce a novel approach to content management. Sanity’s renowned platform, known for its adaptable editing interfaces and its expansive, open-source Studio, is designed to streamline content operations significantly. This collaboration is anticipated to transform the way professional services firms approach content creation, management, and distribution, keeping them at the cutting edge of digital advancements.

“Indie Ridge is the ideal partner to bring Sanity’s advanced CMS capabilities to professional service firms,” stated Dan Gershfield, Head of Partnerships EMEA. “Together, we aim to transform the digital landscape for these firms, enabling them to produce thought leadership content that stands out.”

The joint effort between Indie Ridge, Sanity, and Passle represents a comprehensive strategy to empower firms with the tools necessary to efficiently produce and distribute insightful content on fast-loading websites, thus securing top search engine rankings. This innovative approach moves beyond traditional web models, facilitating the production of effective thought leadership content.

Expressing his enthusiasm for this collaboration, Mike Chapman, Managing Director at Indie Ridge, said: “The integration of Sanity into our suite of partnerships, alongside our continued work with Passle, represents a pivotal advancement in our mission. We are on course to set new benchmarks in digital content creation, optimisation, and distribution, ensuring our clients achieve unparalleled digital presence and engagement.”

For more information on Indie Ridge Digital’s innovative digital strategies and the impact of its strategic partnerships, visit www.indieridge.com.


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