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Introducing the Breeze Range from Phoenix Building Systems: Simplifying Modular Building Acquisition

Phoenix Building Systems has unveiled its latest innovation, the Breeze range, in January 2024, revolutionising the process of acquiring modular buildings for schools and businesses. The Breeze 1 range, specifically designed for the educational sector, enables UK schools to easily purchase or lease high-quality modular classrooms directly from a trusted manufacturer.

The Breeze range is engineered to meet educational requirements with ease, offering scalable and multi-storey options to accommodate any school’s needs. Furthermore, the range provides extensive customisation options, ensuring each modular classroom complements the existing infrastructure seamlessly.

For businesses seeking modern office solutions, the Breeze 2 range offers modular offices characterised by convenience and adaptability, designed to meet various business needs.

“Our modular classrooms have been tried and tested. The pre-designed, environmentally friendly, ready-to-order classroom buildings are fit for any school. This makes the buying process a BREEZE.” -Michael Taylor, Managing Director.

To enhance customer experience, Phoenix Building Systems has also launched a new website, featuring user-friendly navigation, extensive imagery, and detailed case studies, allowing clients to easily identify the perfect modular solution. An innovative addition is the interactive augmented reality feature for the Breeze 1 classroom, accessible via a QR code on the homepage, providing a virtual experience of the space.

“Scanning the QR code gives you a real opportunity to immerse yourself in your new modular building and get a real feeling for it before you buy.” -Michael Taylor, Managing Director.

The Breeze range represents a significant advancement in providing quick, cost-effective, and sustainable modular solutions for educational and business needs, emphasising Phoenix Building Systems’ commitment to service excellence.

Phoenix Building Systems, based in Hull and operating nationwide, has been a modular building industry leader since 2003, consistently dedicated to outstanding service. The introduction of the Breeze range further simplifies their commitment to delivering top-tier modular solutions.


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