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Fusion Connect with Capital Spurs Investment in Space Sector

Entrepreneurial Spark is excited to reveal the advancement of its newest initiative, Fusion Connect with Capital, developed in partnership with the UK Space Agency and Exotopic. This leading-edge investment completion programme is designed to fast-track the growth of Space sector entrepreneurs and boost investment within the UK Space industry. The initiative plans to attract new investors to the sector through engaging Investor Lounges and exclusive Demo Days in April and June.

Overview of the Current Space Economy

The Space sector is experiencing rapid growth, with private investment increasing by an impressive 21% annually. This growth is catalysing the rise of a dynamic start-up ecosystem, transitioning the Space sector towards a predominantly commercial orientation. Consequently, the commercial segment now comprises a significant 77% of the worldwide Space market.

Investment Opportunities in the Space Sector

The Space sector is currently witnessing a surge in private investment, leading to the development of an innovative ecosystem of start-up ventures. Notably, seed investment in the Space sector has increased by 55% over the past year. Nevertheless, the sector presents various challenges that can deter new investors.

High company valuations notwithstanding, the Space sector’s inherent risks and the complexities of space launches can intimidate potential investors. Furthermore, the essential role of Space infrastructure in everyday applications, such as navigation and weather forecasting, is not widely recognised, contributing to the sector’s opacity and making it daunting for new investors unfamiliar with Space markets.

Empowering Investors in the Space Economy

Fusion Connect with Capital is set to demystify the Space economy for investors through its insightful Investor Lounges. These sessions will be led by top experts who will provide a deep dive into the Space economy and highlight the successes of leading Space enterprises, thereby equipping investors with the necessary knowledge to invest with confidence in the Space sector.

Investors will then have the opportunity to engage with Fusion’s elite group of thirteen Space entrepreneurs during two exclusive Demo Days. These entrepreneurs, having successfully completed Fusion’s stringent investment programme, will be ready to explore investment opportunities. Their ventures span a broad spectrum of industries, including health and fitness, AI, and monitoring, offering investors a unique window into the promising early-stage companies within the UK Space sector.

Scheduled Investor Lounges and Demo Days

Fusion Connect with Capital has organised Investor Lounges for the 21st of March and 18th of April, where experts will discuss the UK Space ecosystem, including the geographical distribution of start-ups and the support provided by academic institutions and the government.

Investors are also cordially invited to our Demo Days on 30th April in London and 12th June in Leeds, where they will witness pitches from some of the most exciting start-ups in the UK Space sector.

For further details about the programme and our forthcoming events, please visit here.


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