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Innovative Cash Payment Solution by Kasssh and Roof Giant Transforms Online Roofing Purchases

In a pioneering move, Kasssh’s online cash payment solution has partnered with Roof Giant, a top online roofing retailer, to offer a unique cash payment option for the trade sector. This collaboration is a game-changer in the industry, providing roofing professionals and DIY buffs with an innovative way to shop for necessary supplies online.

Integrating Traditional and Digital Payment Methods

Kasssh and Roof Giant are redefining the trade industry’s transaction landscape by rolling out a novel cash payment solution for online roofing purchases. This hybrid approach allows customers the flexibility of shopping online while paying in cash, merging digital convenience with the reliability of traditional cash transactions.

Hallmarks of the Kasssh and Roof Giant Partnership:

  1. Unprecedented Accessibility:

Through this partnership, Roof Giant embraces Kasssh’s cash payment technology, making high-quality roofing materials accessible to a broader customer base, irrespective of their payment method preference.

  1. Enhanced Security and Privacy:

Kasssh and Roof Giant place a premium on customer security, offering a discreet and secure cash payment alternative. This method allows customers to confidently make cash transactions without exposing sensitive personal or financial information.

  1. Extensive Payment Network:

Kasssh boasts an expansive network of over 28,000 payment locations, offering greater convenience than all UK bank branches and Post Offices combined. Roof Giant customers can now pay for their roofing supplies at convenient locations like supermarkets, newsagents, and petrol stations.

A Milestone for the Roofing and Trade Industry

Paul Allsop of Roof Giant expressed his enthusiasm: “At Roof Giant, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional service to our customers. Teaming up with Kasssh allows us to offer a unique and convenient payment solution, setting new standards in the trade industry. This partnership demonstrates our commitment to enhancing the customer experience and embracing innovative solutions.”

Piero Macari, founder of Kasssh, elaborated: “Our collaboration with Roofgiant.com represents our commitment to enabling access to the digital economy for all. By introducing the first-ever cash payment option for the trade and online roofing solutions in the UK, we are not just simplifying transactions; we are transforming the way professionals and enthusiasts access essential supplies. This partnership exemplifies our dedication to inclusivity, security, and convenience.”

Roofing professionals and DIY enthusiasts are invited to experience this groundbreaking service. To explore Roof Giant’s extensive roofing supply range and enjoy the ease of cash payments through Kasssh, visit roofgiant.com.


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