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Viral Kid Who Threatened Santa Makes Amends in Charming Apology Video

Jackson, the cheeky youngster from Chelmsford, Essex, who became a viral sensation for threatening to “punch Santa’s beard off,” is back in the spotlight. This time, the ten-year-old is extending an olive branch to Santa in a heart-warming apology video, five years after his infamous outburst.

Filmed by TUI, the video showcases Jackson, now a ‘Chief Good List Officer,’ offering children a chance to win a magical trip to Lapland. In the video, Jackson recalls his global infamy at the age of five. “When I was five, I told Santa I’d punch his beard off if he put me on the bad list,” he shares.

Now, in a twist of humour and charm, Jackson playfully warns, “Dad, even if he puts me on the good list I’ll still punch his beard off!” Despite this cheeky comment, the video ends with Jackson being questioned about possibly being banned from Lapland for his past comments.

In the video, an exasperated Jackson clarifies to his dad, “Dad!, I was never on the bad list, this is a myth you made up!”

TUI’s festive video coincides with a study revealing the lengths children go to be on Santa’s good list, including finishing their dinner, not arguing with siblings, and helping with cooking. The study by TUI found that 35% of UK kids start their Christmas lists in November, and a holiday or experience is the top wish for 78% of children, with 45% dreaming of visiting Santa in Lapland.

Phillip Iveson, commercial director of TUI UK & Ireland, commented, “When Jackson said he’d give us a hand to give one lucky family an experience of a lifetime, we jumped at the chance.”

The lucky winner of the competition will enjoy a trip to Lapland in 2024, complete with a meeting with Santa and festive activities like snowmobile rides and visiting the Snow Village. Entries for the competition are open from 20 November to 6 December 2023.

Behaviour guaranteed to get a child on Santa’s Good List:

  • Being good at school
  • Tidying your bedroom
  • Going to bed on time
  • Doing all your homework
  • Eating all your dinner
  • Helping to make dinner
  • Helping with the vacuuming
  • Brushing your teeth
  • Avoiding arguments with your siblings
  • Putting down the iPad when asked


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