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Windsor Crowned as UK’s Top Pizza-Loving City, Surpassing London

A recent study conducted by online casino Luck.com has unveiled surprising trends in the UK’s pizza consumption habits. Windsor takes the lead as the most pizza-loving city, outshining London, according to the comprehensive analysis which factored in the number of pizza establishments, the mix of boutique versus chain pizza places, and average monthly searches for pizza-related queries per 100,000 people.

The study highlights Windsor’s remarkable preference for pizza, with 155 pizza branches and an impressive average of 2791 monthly searches per 100,000 people for pizza-related terms. The city’s array of pizza options includes a mix of one Dominos, one Pizza Hut, one Pizza Express, one Zizzi, and one Franco Manca, with Dominos alone drawing 1239 monthly searches.


Following Windsor is Canterbury, which, despite its smaller size, boasts a strong pizza culture with six chain pizzerias and a high number of pizza-related internet searches. Leeds, Liverpool, and Brighton also feature prominently in the top five, with each city showcasing a unique blend of chain and independent pizza outlets catering to diverse tastes.

The spokesperson for Luck.com expressed their views on the findings: “It’s a pleasant surprise that Windsor is to be the most ‘pizza loving’ city in the UK, however it’s also not surprising that the other top places are very youthful student-based cities with a lot of restaurants and take-aways.”

The study indicates that while London hosts a significant number of pizza shops, its per capita interest in pizza is lower compared to cities like Windsor and Canterbury, landing it at the bottom of the top 10 list.


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