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Majority of UK’s Youth Unaware of Available Careers Advice, Reveals New Study

Leading youth employment company, Youth Group, has released new findings that highlight the concerning lack of access to support and guidance for young people as they embark on their career journeys in the UK’s challenging job market.

According to a recent study conducted by Youth Group, three-fifths (63%) of individuals between the ages of 18 and 25 are unaware of the existing career advice resources available to them. Additionally, nearly half (48%) of these young adults feel limited when it comes to accessing crucial career guidance.

These eye-opening statistics coincide with the highly anticipated launch of Season 3 of “My Duvet Flip: The Careers Show for Young People,” featuring Jack Parsons, the UK’s Chief Youth Officer, as the host. The latest season of the show is supported by returning Season 2 partners, Aviva & EY, and welcomes Totaljobs, a leading UK jobs platform, as a new collaborator.

Youth Group’s data reveals a clear disparity between the current provision of guidance and the needs of young job seekers. A significant majority of young individuals (16-24 years old) remain unaware of the wealth of career advice resources at their disposal. Furthermore, 48% of respondents express limitations in accessing the guidance they require.

Recognising this evident gap in careers guidance, the eagerly awaited third season of “My Duvet Flip: The Careers Show for Young People” is set to address these challenges head-on. In addition to the continued support from Aviva and EY, the new season proudly welcomes Totaljobs, part of the global digital recruitment platform The StepStone Group, as a valuable partner.

Totaljobs acknowledges the significant hurdles faced by young people in the UK and has previously reported that 48% of 16-18 year-olds feel deprived of adequate career advice during their time in education. With over two decades of experience in assisting individuals in finding ideal employment opportunities, Totaljobs is committed to collaborating with “My Duvet Flip” to offer educational content, job advice, and a platform that instills confidence in young people nationwide, empowering them to achieve their career aspirations.

Through this partnership, Totaljobs aims to inspire and empower the youth of the UK. Season 3, hosted by Jack Parsons, the UK’s Chief Youth Officer, continues to engage in candid conversations with esteemed global business leaders, entrepreneurs, and politicians. The show delves into their personal career journeys, extracting valuable tips and advice for viewers based on their own experiences. The series also provides insights into what drives these leaders to succeed and what motivates them to start each day with a positive mindset.

Season 2 of “My Duvet Flip” featured an impressive lineup of guests, including UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Debbie Hewitt (FA Chairman), Sebastian Dettmers (Chief Executive Officer of The StepStone Group), and Matt Brittin (President of Google Europe). The season garnered a remarkable 9 million views and generated over eight times more engagements compared to the previous season.

Youth Group CEO and the UK’s Chief Youth Officer, Jack Parsons, expressed his excitement for the upcoming third season of “My Duvet Flip,” emphasising his aim to provide motivational and honest conversations with some of Britain’s most accomplished business leaders, including Sebastian from The StepStone Group. Parsons stated, “The podcast is all about supporting the millions of young people across the UK and empowering them to achieve their goals.”

Sebastian Dettmers, Chief Executive Officer of The StepStone Group, commented,

“I am proud that Totaljobs will now be a partner of ‘The Duvet Flip’ for the 3rd season. Earlier this year, I guested on ‘My Duvet Flip’ and met Jack in person, and was very excited by his mission: to be an inspiration and support to young people in the world of work. This aligns perfectly with what we do at The StepStone Group and at Totaljobs, where we strive to help individuals find the right job for them.”

Phoebe Barter, Group Brand Director of Aviva, expressed pride in Aviva’s partnership with “My Duvet Flip” for another season, emphasising the importance of the show’s discussions on topics such as mental health, student pressures, career uncertainty, and the cost of living. Barter reaffirmed Aviva’s commitment to assisting individuals in solving their financial challenges, recognising that three out of five young people are unaware of the career advice available to them.

Jack Parsons, who has earned numerous accolades, including being recognised as LinkedIn’s ‘Top Voice for Young People’ and one of the ‘Top 15 Young Entrepreneurs to Watch,’ hopes that the third season of “My Duvet Flip” will inspire young individuals across the UK to recognise and fulfill their potential.


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