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New Science Museum Gallery Explores Urgent Energy Transition

New Science Museum Gallery Explores Urgent Energy Transition

Unveiling the Future of Sustainable Energy

Today marks a significant milestone at the Science Museum as it unveils a major new gallery dedicated to addressing one of the paramount challenges of our era: the imperative transition towards sustainable energy to combat climate change. Titled “Energy Revolution: The Adani Green Energy Gallery,” this immersive exhibit delves into the urgent need for global decarbonization and showcases a diverse array of historical artifacts and cutting-edge technologies that illuminate the path towards a low-carbon future.


The gallery, located on Level 2 of the museum, invites visitors to explore the multifaceted dimensions of the energy transition through captivating displays, interactive installations, and insightful narratives. Divided into three thematic sections—Future Planet, Future Energy, and Our Future—the exhibit provides a comprehensive examination of the past, present, and envisioned future of energy systems, underscoring the pivotal role of human ingenuity and collective action in shaping our energy landscape.

At the heart of the gallery stands “Only Breath,” a mesmerizing kinetic sculpture crafted by artists Alexandra Carr and Colin Rennie from Torus Torus Studios. Composed of repurposed mirrors, recyclable stainless steel, and windblown wood, this art installation serves as a poignant symbol of nature’s influence on technological innovation.

Visitors are guided through a journey of discovery, exploring pivotal technologies such as nuclear fusion, hydrogen power, solar energy, and tidal turbines. From the historic experiments of British scientists in the 1950s to the groundbreaking renewable energy projects in Orkney, Scotland, the gallery offers a glimpse into the diverse spectrum of solutions driving the global energy transition.

Among the highlights is a display featuring the Zero Energy Thermonuclear Assembly (ZETA), a relic from the early days of nuclear fusion research, alongside state-of-the-art models of small modular nuclear reactors and innovative hydrogen electrolyzers. The exhibit also showcases the vast potential of solar energy, from parabolic solar trough mirrors to ambitious transnational projects like the Xlinks ship, designed to harness solar power from Moroccan solar farms for the UK.

In addition to technological innovations, the gallery examines the societal implications of the energy transition, including the evolution of transportation infrastructure, sustainable building practices, and energy storage solutions. From early electric vehicles to innovative building materials like the “urine bio-brick,” visitors gain insight into the myriad ways in which energy shapes our daily lives.

Reflecting on the significance of the gallery, Oliver Carpenter, Lead Curator of Energy Revolution, emphasizes its role in inspiring visitors to envision a low-carbon energy future. By showcasing both historical achievements and contemporary endeavors, the exhibit seeks to ignite dialogue and spur collective action towards a sustainable energy paradigm.

The gallery’s inauguration coincides with a record-breaking year for the Science Museum, with over three million visits expected by the end of March, including a significant influx of schoolchildren and families. Sir Ian Blatchford, Director and Chief Executive of the Science Museum Group, lauds the gallery as a catalyst for curiosity and conversation, underscoring the museum’s commitment to fostering public engagement with pressing global issues.

The Energy Revolution gallery is made possible through the generous support of Adani Green Energy, a leading renewable energy company based in India. Mr. Sagar Adani, Executive Director of Adani Green Energy, emphasizes the gallery’s role in advancing education and inspiring innovation towards a carbon-free future.

As visitors embark on a journey through the Energy Revolution gallery, they are invited to imagine a world powered by clean energy, where creativity and collaboration pave the way towards a sustainable future.


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