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Strategic Alliance Formed Between NetXL and Shelly Group AD for the Distribution of IoT Solutions in the UK

NetXL Distribution Ltd (NetXL) together with Shelly Group AD (ISIN: BG1100003166) have announced a strategic partnership for the distribution of Shelly’s IoT and smart building solutions across the UK.

Shelly’s impressive sales figures, with over 13 million devices sold worldwide, highlight the demand for their innovative Plus, Mini, Pro, and PM series. These products offer advanced control over lighting, power, and heating, featuring energy management, sensory technology, and various control options.

The small footprint of Shelly’s retrofit devices makes them ideal for discreet installation behind existing switches, while the Pro series is perfectly suited for seamless integration into smart home systems through DIN rail mounting.

Commenting on the partnership, Matt Mansell, CEO of NetXL, said, “With a new device installed every 6.5 seconds, we’re confident we’ve found the right partner in Shelly and are more than excited to bring them to the UK market en masse”.

Shelly’s integration capabilities extend to over 200 partners, including household names like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, supported by versatile connectivity options such as MQTT and WebHooks, all controlled via a dedicated management app.

Shelly’s CEO, Wolfgang Kirsch, shared his optimism about the partnership, stating: “NetXL’s extensive reach and proven track record driving the success of innovative brands will undoubtedly amplify our UK adoption. We’re delighted to welcome NetXL as a strategic partner to our network.”

To discover more about Shelly and their extensive product range, please visit www.netxl.com/shelly/.


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