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Playfilled Marks International Happiness Day with New Wonder Dates Initiative

On the occasion of International Happiness Day, Playfilled, an innovative startup infusing the principles of play into the workplace, is thrilled to announce its latest initiative, the “Wonder Dates” campaign. This novel campaign offers bite-sized creative networking sessions, now accessible to a global audience for a minimal fee of $1.

Founded in 2020 with the mission to inject creativity, connectivity, and curiosity into the corporate sphere, Playfilled has successfully collaborated with leading accountancy firms, multinational banks, and prominent tech corporations. These partnerships aim to introduce brief yet impactful moments of wonder and playfulness into professional environments. Pilot programmes have demonstrated that a mere 12-minute session can enhance participants’ mood and energy levels by up to 20%.

The modern workplace faces widespread challenges, including employee disengagement and a significant increase in burnout rates, surpassing those experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic. The necessity for creative solutions is evident, yet the demands of current workloads leave little room for such thinking. This situation contributes to the detriment of organisational health, with disengagement and high turnover rates potentially resulting in approximately $8.8 trillion in annual productivity losses.

Designed to foster stronger bonds among colleagues and corporate entities, Playfilled’s Wonder Dates aim to enhance teamwork and cultivate an environment conducive to positive change. These sessions, which can be conducted online or in person when feasible, pair participants randomly for a structured sequence of activities, including a warm-up, a creative task, and a cooldown, all within the duration of a standard coffee break. The campaign extends an invitation to the public, enabling widespread participation and interaction with other ticket holders globally. The launch coincides with International Happiness Day on 20th March 2024.

Pauline McNulty, Playfilled’s co-founder, shared her thoughts on the initiative: “Playfilled Wonder Dates are designed to counteract the everyday “drudge” with a short burst of creativity and happiness – in the time it takes to have a cup of tea.

“In my previous career as a Chief Risk Officer I discovered I was missing an element of fun and playfulness that would help me in my working life. We know that incorporating playfulness into work drives not just creativity but also commercial impact as happier, more engaged workers make for better performing businesses.

“This International Happiness Day we are calling on leaders and individuals alike to take a micro action for a ‘Happier Together’ corporate world and build the resilience needed for the change marathon ahead.”

Further information can be found on the campaign’s website at www.xwdr.global.


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