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Storio Group Launches New Identity and Welcomes Fresh Leadership to Spearhead Growth

Transitioning from its former identity as albelli-Photobox Group, the company encompassing Photobox UK and Bonusprint has been reborn as Storio group. This rebranding heralds a significant evolution within the European market for personalised photo products, underscored by an impressive annual revenue exceeding EUR 340M and a loyal customer base of over 11 million. Coinciding with this rebranding is a pivotal change in the company’s executive leadership, with Alessandro Coppo succeeding Tristan Money as CEO on the 8th of February, 2024. This transition is a cornerstone of the company’s strategic two-year plan post-merger, aimed at enhancing integration, driving innovation, and promoting sustainable growth.

The announcement of this transformative rebranding and leadership change was made during an engaging internal launch event. This event was simultaneously live-streamed from Amsterdam, London, and Barcelona, bridging all European offices and manufacturing sites in a unified digital celebration. This marked the advent of a promising new era for Storio group, with festivities resonating across all its locations.

Tristan Money concluded his notable nine-year tenure with the successful merger with Photobox in January 2022, handing over the leadership baton to Alessandro Coppo.

Alessandro Coppo joins Storio group with a rich backdrop of over 25 years in the industry, including significant roles at Boston Consulting Group and a noteworthy 17-year tenure at eBay. At eBay, he was instrumental in scaling the Classifieds Group’s revenues from $300M to over $1B, showcasing his strategic ingenuity in using technology to connect individuals and create secure, engaging commerce experiences. This wealth of experience positions him perfectly to lead Storio group into its next phase of growth and innovation.

As the incoming CEO, Alessandro is dedicated to building upon the solid foundations established by Tristan and the existing leadership, with the ambition of transforming Storio group into a leading and endearing brand that connects individuals with their most treasured moments.

The shift to Storio group signifies the company’s continuous evolution and its commitment to delivering unforgettable experiences. This rebranding symbolises the company’s dedication to pursuing innovation and growth within its industry. Central to Storio group’s new ethos is its purpose statement, “To Make Joy Unforgettable,” reflecting its mission to immortalise the special moments of its customers.

Upon taking up his new role, Alessandro Coppo shared, “It’s a thrilling time to lead a company that sits at the intersection of digital and physical realms and whose products have a deep level of emotional connection with its customers. Our commitment to innovation and personal connection is unique, and I look forward to building on the strong foundation laid by Tristan and the team. Our new brand identity and values will be central to our commitment to customers and employees.”

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Alessandro Coppo – Chief Executive Officer

Tristan Money commented on the strategic changes, “The launch of Storio group and the welcoming of Alessandro Coppo as CEO, marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter. Since the merger of albelli and Photobox Group 2 years ago, we have worked diligently to integrate our operations and set a clear path for the future. Alessandro’s experience and vision align perfectly with Storio group’s mission, vision, purpose, values, and proposition.”

Under its revamped identity and with fresh leadership at the helm, Storio group is positioned to strengthen its market position, introducing innovative offerings to elevate customer experiences and foster growth, in line with its newly articulated purpose, values, and EVP.


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