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Queer Spirits Secures Prime Trading Location on Oxford Street

Queer Spirits is delighted to announce its triumph in a nationwide competition organized by Adobe and Enterprise Nation.

Queer Spirits, a drinks company owned by members of the LGBTQ+ community, is committed to crafting exceptional spirits while championing diversity and supporting their LGBTQ+ community. Among numerous entrants, they are one of the ten small businesses chosen to claim a coveted spot on Europe’s busiest shopping destination.

Oli Powell, who, alongside husband Jon Gronow, operates Queer Spirits as a passion project, expressed overwhelming joy at their competition victory. “We still can’t fathom that we’ve emerged victorious. It’s a dream come true and a testament to all the hard work we’ve invested. We’re just a pair of individuals from South Wales who aspired to create a magnificent gin to honour our community. Now, here we are, preparing to launch a store on the renowned Oxford Street.”

Jon added, “This competition has truly tested our resilience. Currently, we solely operate online and possess no prior experience with brick-and-mortar retail. To prepare everything within a two-week timeframe, we’ve had to think swiftly and confront challenges we’re unaccustomed to. We are immensely proud of our accomplishments.”

Queer Spirits’ distinctive gin, boasting an exquisite fusion of exotic botanicals and bold flavours, will prominently feature in a temporary retail space situated at 58 Oxford Street, promising an extravagant celebration of queerness.

“We acknowledge that we may be small players in a vast arena, but we genuinely believe that the more authentic queer brands flourish, pursuing their passions, the more vibrant and joyous our collective community will become,” expressed Oli.

During their two-day residency, commencing on May 24th, Queer Spirits will donate a portion of their proceeds to Kaleidoscope Trust, a UK-based charity dedicated to advocating for the human rights of LGBTQ+ individuals worldwide.

Alongside their collaboration with Kaleidoscope Trust, Queer Spirits has provided support to various LGBTQ+ organizations and events since its inception, including Blackstage, which highlights the achievements of queer pole dancers of colour, and Camden Bells, a grassroots football team that warmly welcomes women, trans individuals, and gender nonconforming people of all skill levels.

Sharing the pop-up shop with Queer Spirits will be fellow entrepreneur Elisabeth Ola, the visionary founder of TRU SKN, an innovative beauty company devoted to instilling confidence, empowerment, and inclusivity.

As part of the event, Queer Spirits will unveil their new bottle design, granting early access to shop visitors. However, the journey hasn’t been entirely smooth sailing, as Oli explains.

“Things haven’t unfolded precisely as we initially envisioned, which can be challenging to accept when your identity is deeply personal and close to your heart. Nevertheless, witnessing the growth of our brand amidst extraordinary circumstances has been an immensely enjoyable experience.”

In an exciting collaboration, Queer Spirits has partnered with Double Dutch, the award-winning mixer brand, to offer Gin & Tonic samples to attendees throughout the two-day affair. This joint effort aims to enhance the in-store experience for customers and tantalize their taste buds.

Exclusive merchandise, including t-shirts, tote bags, and candles, will also be on sale, proudly showcasing the brand’s name and signature pink color palette.

Join Queer Spirits at their pop-up shop located at 58 Oxford Street, where you can embrace authenticity, celebrate diversity, and relish in the fabulousness of Queer Spirits.


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