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Leading Academics and AI Experts to Deliberate Education’s Future at London Event, Introducing KEATH

The University of Surrey, in collaboration with their AI EdTech spinout KEATH.ai, is orchestrating a landmark AI Advancement Forum at London’s House of Lords. Scheduled for December 15th, this forum is set to address the challenges and opportunities of AI in education, potentially shaping its future direction.

Diverse Experts Gather to Explore AI in Education

This notable event will host discussions on AI’s implications in the education sector. The forum will see a gathering of influential figures, including lords, chancellors, and leaders from academia and venture capital. Key speakers at the event are:

  • Prof. Max Lu, President and Vice-Chancellor, University of Surrey
  • The Lord Taylor of Warwick
  • Prof. Katie Normington, Vice-Chancellor of De Montfort University
  • Prof. Manolis Mavrikis, Artificial Intelligence Professor at University College London (UCL)
  • Kevin Ebenezer, Head of Global Recognition, Cambridge University Press and Assessment
  • Dr. Lisa Nelson, Director of Learning, Kaplan

Launch and Showcase of KEATH’s EdTech Solutions

The event also serves as a platform for KEATH.ai to launch and present its innovative EdTech solutions. Joey Lin, KEATH’s CEO, is confident in the company’s groundbreaking approach to assessment. KEATH’s technology, having shown remarkable accuracy in grading Pearson EPQs, is touted as independent and proprietary, distinct from existing AGI models.

Addressing Teacher Workload through AI

The issue of overburdened educators is significant, with studies indicating excessive hours spent on tasks beyond teaching, especially assessment. In the US, educators work upwards of 54 hours a week, with UK teachers dedicating around six hours daily to student assessments. This considerable workload has led to industrial actions, highlighting the potential role of AI in alleviating these pressures.

Advancing Education with AI Solutions

The integration of AI in education, spearheaded by the University of Surrey and KEATH.ai, represents a new chapter in teaching methodologies. Institutions like the University of Southampton and Sunway University in Malaysia are early examples of the practical application of these AI tools. The upcoming AI Advancement Forum is a crucial juncture, uniting experts to deliberate on and navigate the future of AI in the educational landscape.

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