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Expert Chris Boyd Elucidates the Importance of Latest Burglary Technologies for Residential and Commercial Property Security

In 2022/2023, England and Wales reported an alarming 191,490 house burglaries. This breaks down to about 525 burglaries each day, or one every 165 seconds.

Given these figures, the need for businesses and families to evaluate and update their security measures is paramount.

Chris Boyd, the founder of NSW UK, which specializes in a broad spectrum of CCTV and burglary systems, discusses strategies for ensuring optimal security.

Advancing Security Technology

The last decade has seen substantial advancements in CCTV technology, moving away from the once-standard fuzzy images featured on Crime Stoppers.

The real strength of CCTV systems lies in their integration with other security solutions, such as burglar alarms, to prevent theft and vandalism in both residential and business environments.

Chris Boyd shares NSW UK’s technology approach: “Every CCTV system we build and install has the ability to capture high-definition footage. In a court of law, CCTV footage from a professionally built system may be included as evidence, which can protect communities more efficiently.”

He further explains, “There are analogue and digital CCTV systems available. Digital systems, using Internet Protocol (IP), are newer, while analogue systems have been in use for longer. IP cameras can be either hardwired or wireless, and operate using sim cards or wifi.”

The advancements in security technology have brought invaluable peace of mind to property owners. The capability to monitor locations remotely via web browsers or smartphone apps plays a critical role in deterring crime and identifying offenders.

He concludes: “CCTV systems, whether digital or analogue, each offer benefits and drawbacks. Selecting the correct system can be difficult, so it’s important to do your homework and pick a company that has the best expertise, carefully trains its employees, and has the newest designs and can assist you along the way. Although this may be more expensive, it’s better to avoid going with the less expensive option that could end up costing much more if properties are broken into later.”

Chris also highlights the significance of maintaining systems:

“Every part of a protective system is brand-new and fully functional when it is installed. The components of an alarm may wear out with time and frequent use. When this occurs, safety issues may also surface in addition to the alarm’s decreased effectiveness.

This is the reason why maintaining systems is crucial for both financial and safety reasons. This can also be accomplished through the business you chose; NSW UK has the best-trained personnel to install and support your alarms and systems in addition to providing ongoing maintenance.”

Further details about NSW UK’s CCTV and tech services are available here.


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