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‘The Ice Blocks’: A Leap to Affordable Comfort for the Fuel-Stricken Community

Richard Worrell, residing in a flat complex within one of England’s most destitute districts, shares his compelling narrative in a brief documentary, chronicling life in “the ice blocks” before and following a notable £7.9 million community revitalisation effort.

This project has brought state-of-the-art energy efficiency upgrades to over a thousand flats across 21 high-rises in Walsall’s housing estates. These enhancements have not only bettered living conditions but also made thermal comfort economically attainable for its dwellers.

Watmos Community Homes, through strategic partnerships with Soltherm and Surefire Management Services, has clinched vital funding from the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund (SHDF), with a landmark £7.9 million investment dedicated to this venture, the most substantial for a project of this nature.

Richard speaks on how this funding has bettered the life quality of the community’s most susceptible individuals. “I was involved with the estate, more than 20 years ago. And I worked with residents, and we used to call these places ‘the ice blocks.’ So that says it all really, doesn’t it?”

The film sheds light on the project’s profound impact on the community.

“You noticed the difference instantly once the thermal cladding was in place, it just made it so noticeably more comfortable. It just makes this place so much nicer to live in.” Richard Worrell – Resident

This documentary is a testament to the transformation from bleak, unwelcoming quarters to warm, lively residences that bestow health, comfort, and vigour upon Walsall’s residents grappling with energy poverty. The Watmos Regeneration Project is featured on Soltherm’s official web portal.


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