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Plant-Powered Wellness Guidance: Embracing Eco-Conscious and Vegan Lifestyles with Vegan Vitality Coaching

Vanda Bowles is transforming personal health paradigms through Vegan Vitality Coaching, offering a groundbreaking approach to achieving wellness through plant-based diets, holistic lifestyle practices, and eco-conscious choices. This initiative is catalysing a shift towards complete wellbeing for clients, both in body and mind.

After a tenure in the high-pressure realm of professional financial services as an Executive Assistant, Vanda embarked on her own voyage towards comprehensive health, spurred by a decade-long struggle with severe bloating, skin issues, and digestive discomfort. Realising her corporate life and health challenges were unsustainable, she sought change.

Driven by her transformative experience and a deep-seated belief in holistic living, Vanda launched Vegan Vitality Coaching. Her mission: to guide others away from the limitations of traditional healthcare and towards a natural, vegan lifestyle. Through custom coaching and educational efforts, she supports clients in transitioning to a lifestyle devoid of plastic, harmful chemicals, and animal products, addressing health concerns from the ground up.

Vanda’s commitment to her clients’ wellbeing is backed by her investment of over £17,000 in personal training and business development, alongside Udemy Business certifications in Inflammation, Microbiome Gut Health, and Herbalism. Eschewing supermarket shelves for the bounty of her own allotment and organic selections, Vanda practices what she preaches in terms of sustainable living.

The proof of her programme’s efficacy is in the life-changing outcomes experienced by her clients, who have overcome chronic discomfort and illness. By tackling health issues at their root with a holistic strategy, clients have seen profound shifts in their physical and mental states.

Addressing issues from painful digestion to insomnia and social limitations, Vegan Vitality Coaching stands as a guiding light for those seeking a holistic, medication-free approach to health. Vanda provides her clients with the insights and tools necessary to transform their health and vitality through initial discussions and personalised coaching strategies.

At its core, Vegan Vitality Coaching is dedicated to empowering individuals and fostering transformation, challenging traditional health perspectives and advocating for comprehensive, natural health solutions. With a focus on removing household chemicals and plastics, adopting a plant-based diet, and optimising gut health, Vegan Vitality Coaching offers a holistic path to lasting wellness.

For guidance on nutrition and sustainable living, contact [email protected] or direct message on Instagram @vegan_vitalitycoaching.


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